The Fancy Restaurant Is Open For Business!


We recently held a Clubhouse room design contest where YOU picked the winning room designs from a list of 10 finalists. We are happy to announce that the Fancy Restaurant is NOW available to visit in the Clubhouse! Congratulations to “TEIVid128” for your winning design! Dress your pet in their most elegant outfit and head to the Fancy Restaurant to dine is style!



We asked Hailey and Elwin to share their thoughts on this awesome new Clubhouse room:


Hailey: “I love the red, white and black color combination that was used to decorate this room! It all looks so elegant!”


Elwin: “Great use of the Theater Wallpaper! It works perfectly in this restaurant.”



How do you like the new Fancy Restaurant? What is your all time favorite room in the Clubhouse? If you could add a new room to the Clubhouse, what would it be? Please leave your comments below…


59 Responses to The Fancy Restaurant Is Open For Business!

  1. tinygma says:

    4 CHANDALIERS HOW do you get 4 ??? 2 years Deluxe and I have only seen 1 of these on Facebook some on got. I hope its an item being given out soon !!!!

  2. cegdrp517313 says:

    I don’t usually go to the clubhouse anymore, but I really should because of all these new cool rooms that they are adding. I really liked the game room that the added. Also this room is very cool as well. It’s awesome that they are letting fans build rooms for the clubhouse.

  3. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I LOVE this room! It was one of the ones I voted for.

  4. Queen says:

    There should totally be an art studio or something like that. Maybe somewhere where you can post your art or something? Or if you take Art class at Kinzville Academy then you can post your grades or something like that. Idk it would just be cute to see all the art hanging on the walls and maybe some sculptures :) ~*Queen*~

  5. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    thats awesome :) really cool resturant! now what should my pet wear?

  6. prprprprp says:

    This room looks great! I’ve been there before! :)

  7. AvzoraB says:

    you know what would be really cool? if we could actually order a dinner there and chat (yes, i know it would be limited) with other diners and maybe get a carryout. it could be a place where u could get some new rare foods that we could trade with our kinz friends . . . . :D

  8. playnowpuppy says:

    Congratulations TELVid128 Your room looks amazing ;)

  9. playnowpuppy says:

    Oh my gosh The fancy restaurant Is amazing I already visited this room and It Is amazing my friend got the piano with the signature Zebra! What Is my fave room In the clubhouse? It would have to be the Trading and Runway room! It’s so fun to get new things In the trading room and show off your clothes on the runway! What room would I add to the clubhouse? There Is so many rooms I could think of! Maybe a palace altho boy players might not enjoy that! Or maybe a campkinz room outside or In! Plus Hailey and Elwen could make Spa! Or possibly a fast food restaurant! Or maybe a jungle room would be exciting! Or wild west theme kinda like a cowboy/cowgirl theme! Well these are my ideas I hope u like them and please tell me what u think :)

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