The Fancy Restaurant Is Open For Business!


We recently held a Clubhouse room design contest where YOU picked the winning room designs from a list of 10 finalists. We are happy to announce that the Fancy Restaurant is NOW available to visit in the Clubhouse! Congratulations to “TEIVid128” for your winning design! Dress your pet in their most elegant outfit and head to the Fancy Restaurant to dine is style!



We asked Hailey and Elwin to share their thoughts on this awesome new Clubhouse room:


Hailey: “I love the red, white and black color combination that was used to decorate this room! It all looks so elegant!”


Elwin: “Great use of the Theater Wallpaper! It works perfectly in this restaurant.”



How do you like the new Fancy Restaurant? What is your all time favorite room in the Clubhouse? If you could add a new room to the Clubhouse, what would it be? Please leave your comments below…


59 Responses to The Fancy Restaurant Is Open For Business!

  1. HKSdancemomsfan10 says:

    It would be even more awesome if they brought KinzChat Plus back…

  2. supersnowball78 says:

    i would like a shop room where you can buy stuff and not the things in w shop or kings style outlet or curio shop. stuff you can’t buy anywhere except that room. the items are totally new

  3. webangusdog10098 says:

    I love this room! However, I wish you could still go in all the other rooms in Kinzchat, as well as CHOOSEING your room. It’s really annoying to get in a super busy room if you want to meet up with friends. -#05

  4. kittymade10 says:

    Luv it!!!! Love the old one better, and the spa too.

  5. EarthLover22 says:

    Can’t wait to bring my pet!

  6. whistlewishes1 says:

    I like the signature zebra piano.

  7. Julie3 says:

    I absolutely love this room :)

  8. graceygirl10 says:

    I love this room!!!!

  9. CheekyCat says:

    Anyone have one of those tables for trade? I sold mine when I got my Small Signature Tuxedo Cat because I didn’t know it was worth something. :( I also sold two other Signature psi :( :(

  10. jimzy13 says:

    My favorite room in the clubhouse is the trading room! i think you should make that a tab in the things to do menu because it’s SO popular! BTW, i think you should use playnowpuppy’s idea for a spa! :)

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