Winter Wishes Starts Today!



Winter Wishes is the newest season in Webkinz Next and it starts today!


Seasons are free-to-play events in Webkinz Next, packed with prizes and fun stuff to do. To participate, visit Webkinz Next and click on the Winter Wishes icon at the side of the screen.



Scroll across to check out all of the Season’s cool prizes. Win up to twenty prizes when you play for free including this Frozen Fantasy Tree, Webkinz Hockey Jersey, Winter Wonderland Photo Background and Love the Snow Emoji.




And there are up to thirty more prizes to be won when you purchase a Season Pass! Season Pass holders earn extra prizes including a super special recipe card for a Snowflake Column and the exclusive grand prize, an Epic Snow Cone Dispenser which dispenses one snow cone a day.



Season Pass holders can also win up to three of our newest mystery capsules, the Frosty Blue Mystery Capsule and exclusive avatars, emojis, clothing and furniture.



Purchase your Season Pass for as low as $6.99 USD to unlock these Season exclusives.


Whether or not you purchase a Season Pass, there are tons of cool things to win. How do you win prizes? Earn Season points by playing Webkinz Next!


To earn Season Points, click the “Earning Points” tab at the start of the screen. Complete daily and weekly tasks to earn Season Points. As your Season Points add up, you will advance levels to win prizes.



Every week, more tasks are unlocked. Some tasks are easy, and some take more time. Start earning points today and you will be well on your way to making all your winter wishes come true!





Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10.

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25 Responses to Winter Wishes Starts Today!

  1. rockruffian says:

    so, this pass ISN’T complete-able for free players. really annoying that they advertise the pass as something ANY player can do and that only those who want premium have to pay. i logged in daily and completed EVERY SINGLE GOAL except for those that required a baby/kid because i haven’t used a spark before (since, you know, it costs money). i’m about 200pts short of level 30. why can’t free players even complete the free pass??? are you kidding? this largely seems to be due to the fact that one of the DAILY goals is for baby webkinz, meaning every free player loses out on 10pts DAILY. i will not be participating in seasons from here on out since they’re only designed for players who pay money, whether it be through sparks or the premium pass. awful!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Free players can and do complete the seasons. If you don’t have a baby for the daily task, visit a friend that does — you can use their babies. If you don’t have any friends with babies, feel free to add me — Fire Shadowglow 1 — I have babies on every property and you’re welcome to visit any time.

  2. Grandma52 says:

    Does anyone know when the next season of challenges will start?

  3. sunnyten10 says:

    I won the ice castle but I can’t find it. Where would that be in my dock?

  4. rockruffian says:

    i’ve been growing disappointed with how hard it is to complete the pass on your own without a purchase, but the week 3 goals are really getting to me. there should either be more leeway for players to avoid goals OR goals need to be designed as accessible as possible. as someone who’s only hitting 1.5k in home before dark, i really wish the goal had a failsafe as others have had in the past, like allowing you to complete it based on score OR kinzcash & etc.

  5. raysgirl says:

    I know the article about the floating snowflakes in webkinznewz says it run thru the 28th, but the daily tasks in next says through the 30th? Was not able to collect any snowflake on the 29TH. HELP Thank you

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