Zingoz Pop Has a NEW Look!


Take a look at the NEW Zingoz Pop! We’ve updated the game in the arcade to work even better than before.






In addition to winning the Gold Zingoz Pop Trophy for completing all 30 levels, you’ll now also be able to win a BONUS Silver Zingoz Pop Trophy when you play. This trophy was originally created when Zingoz Pop was first released, but wasn’t awarded due to a glitch in the game.



How do you win it? You’ll need to drop a total of 40 colored balls on a single level. You can see your progress by watching the BONUS meter fill up on the left side of the screen. “Dropped” colored balls are any that fall down after an initial group is popped. Like the Gold Zingoz Pop Trophy, the silver trophy can be won multiple times, but only once per game.


Zingoz Pop is now available in the Arcade on both Webkinz.com and the Webkinz Desktop app for Deluxe Members. If you are not a Deluxe Member, you will soon be able to either unlock the game for a small fee on the Webkinz mobile app, or purchase it as a standalone app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Keep watching Webkinz Newz for the announcement once Zingoz Pop is approved and released in all of our current mobile platforms.


Still prefer to play the original version of Zingoz Pop? You can find the classic Zingoz Pop game in the quick Tournaments section of the Tournament Arena.



Do YOU have any tips or tricks for playing Zingoz Pop? Let us know in the comments below!


71 Responses to Zingoz Pop Has a NEW Look!

  1. CyanSkyBlue says:

    I don’t like the new Zingoz Pop look at all.

  2. meekeycakes says:

    I’ve been stuck in Adventure Park for over a week since this update. Which is really disappointing because today is player appreciation day and we were given a free adventure quest. My email about this has been ignored and I am upset about that. I’m not a deluxe member but I still spend a whole lot of money on webkinz (I spent $40 yesterday on new pets). I just want to be able to hear back from them and know that they are trying to fix this issue and a general idea of when it will be fixed. I heard the work around issue is to go to the tournament arena but I’m not deluxe so I can’t even do that :(

  3. sunnyten10 says:

    The Adventure Park thing is a problem, but it’s also very hard to play this game now. I point the shooter where I want it to go, and it moves to someplace else before I can shoot the ball. It’s nearly impossible to shoot the balls in the right place with this going on.

  4. mamabeart says:

    Ok, now even playing Zingoz Pop in the Tournament Arena doesn’t count for the Adventure Park quests. So I’m completely locked out of the daily park quests despite owning multiple Adventure Park pets and being a deluxe member. All for an “improvement” almost none of us wanted in the first place. It’s particularly galling because you’ve been heavily advertising the Adventure Park in recent days. I can’t get an answer here in the comments or by emailing customer service. Honestly, Webkinz, you need to do better. I don’t appreciate paying extra for features I can’t access, nor do I appreciate being ignored by customer service. When are you going to fix this problem?

  5. mamabeart says:

    When will the problem with the new Zingoz Pop not working with the Adventure Park be fixed? It’s extremely frustrating to be stuck in a quest because of an “improvement” that most of us don’t actually even like. I have emailed Webkinz customer service, and haven’t received a reply. (And yes, I know you can temporarily work around it by playing in the Tournament Arena, but it only works for the 10 player tournament not the 20 player, and now I’m stuck waiting for the current tournament to end so I can play again.)

    • xxmgn says:

      I fixed this by playing the old version in the Tournament Arena. When finished there wont be a “Congrats you did it, go back to adventure park?” button, but after you reach the goal and finish up your game, head back to adventure park and it should say you completed it. Hope this helps for the time being

    • xxmgn says:

      Oh, just read the rest i didn’t know that. Hopefully the fix it soon!

    • iluvlions20 says:

      I completed the quest by playing the 20 player game and it accepted it. I didn’t get a notice or anything. I went back to the adventure park and it said I completed the challenge. Good luck and hopefully you can get it fixed :)

  6. Springshimmer says:

    I tried the new version of this game last night, and yeah…. I’m not a fan of this new look… In all honestly, I enjoyed the old version of this game, I don’t understand why you guys changed it..

  7. zeusfist says:

    just got a pet request to play ZingozPop on my mobile version – of course I can’t because it isn’t there!

  8. dmtig says:

    Oh No, this was one of my favorite games & LOVED playing it. But I am Not a Fan of the new changes. =( and I am also having trouble completing a quest in Adventure Park =(

    • mikeysfriend says:

      I am having trouble in adventure park too. All because of this game

      • iluvlions20 says:

        Try playing the old version in the tournament area and then going back to the park. I didn’t get a notice when I finished the game. but when I went back to the park it said I completed the challenge.

        • dmtig says:

          Thank You! Thank You! I took your advice and played the old version in the tournament area and it worked!! Now I can advance in the Adventure Park Quests!! Thank You Again!! Without your Help I’d still be stuck.

      • DgirlD says:

        Me too, I have gotten 300 points many times but it is still saying I have not completed the quest…

        • mamabeart says:

          It only works for the 10 player tournament, not the 20 player for some reason. It’s ridiculous, and extremely frustrating. Not only is the new version of the game a lot worse than the old, but it’s actively preventing us from using Adventure Park. And NO ONE will answer my questions about when/whether it will be fixed, either here or via emailing customer service. Infuriating.

  9. Rebathedog says:

    I always like to make my posts positive, but I am not a fan of the new Zingo Pop changes. One of the reasons I bought Deluxe Memership was because I LOVED palying Zingo Pops. Honestly, I really do not like the new look and feel of the game. Please put back the old version!!!

  10. elizton says:

    I played this game Zingoz Pop yesterday It’s like slow motion you have to wait in between levels and shooting the ball is like slow slow slow Not a fan , this was in the Arcade

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