Zingoz Pop Has a NEW Look!


Take a look at the NEW Zingoz Pop! We’ve updated the game in the arcade to work even better than before.






In addition to winning the Gold Zingoz Pop Trophy for completing all 30 levels, you’ll now also be able to win a BONUS Silver Zingoz Pop Trophy when you play. This trophy was originally created when Zingoz Pop was first released, but wasn’t awarded due to a glitch in the game.



How do you win it? You’ll need to drop a total of 40 colored balls on a single level. You can see your progress by watching the BONUS meter fill up on the left side of the screen. “Dropped” colored balls are any that fall down after an initial group is popped. Like the Gold Zingoz Pop Trophy, the silver trophy can be won multiple times, but only once per game.


Zingoz Pop is now available in the Arcade on both Webkinz.com and the Webkinz Desktop app for Deluxe Members. If you are not a Deluxe Member, you will soon be able to either unlock the game for a small fee on the Webkinz mobile app, or purchase it as a standalone app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Keep watching Webkinz Newz for the announcement once Zingoz Pop is approved and released in all of our current mobile platforms.


Still prefer to play the original version of Zingoz Pop? You can find the classic Zingoz Pop game in the quick Tournaments section of the Tournament Arena.



Do YOU have any tips or tricks for playing Zingoz Pop? Let us know in the comments below!


71 Responses to Zingoz Pop Has a NEW Look!

  1. vcela1872 says:

    I had the same problem. If you play Zingoz pop in the arena, this will count towards the points for adventure park. The new version is not working yet.

    • 975683 says:

      Thanks. It playing the game in the arena worked. Much appreciated.

    • mamabeart says:

      That only works with the 10 player tournament. I already played that one, so on the next Adventure Park challenge, I played the 20 player tournament, and it didn’t count. Now I have to wait for the current 10 player one to end before I can do anything else in the Adventure Park. Extremely frustrating. I emailed Webkinz customer service and asked about it in the comments, and no one from Webkinz has answered me yet.

  2. Ritzcracker says:

    Can you get both the trophies on the old version in the Tournament Arena?

  3. EmmaFett says:

    I don’t know if this is just me but the Webkinz Stadium also glitches as well. When I first click on it to enter it, it says it “can’t connect to webkinz world” and forces me back to the login screen. After I log back in it allows me to enter the webkinz stadium normally but this happens every day I go back to it and its extremely annoying

  4. EmmaFett says:

    I was just thinking about how a lot of the arcade games look old compared to the “design” webkinz has these days haha. I’m really disappointed I can’t play some of my favorite games because of that deluxe membership wall though… :l But on a different note…there are other glitches in Webkinz that desperately need a fix. I noticed a few other players mentioned it in this comment section, but I’m currently level 9 going on 10 with some of my pets in the strength class at the kinzville academy, and its nearly impossible to pass the class because it glitches so badly. I let go of the mouse when the bar is inside the smaller bars but it says I missed when I clearly did not…

  5. BeezKneez says:

    I was playing Zingoz Pop on the new desktop app when I was randomly booted out in the middle of level 13. I’d love to try for a trophy but that’s not possible if you’re not allowed to play.

  6. KICAVE says:

    Hate the new game please don’t change old games. Loved playing Zingoz Pop all the time and now I will not play at all.

  7. larzy says:

    Concerning the Tournament area, for about a year now, you can play one game and then everything freezes while …please wait… blinks. Have to hit ‘play’ on the Webkinz Come in and Play main screen to essentially log out of game. Will there be a fix anytime soon?

  8. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Stop ruining older games like Cash Cow and this one. Start fixing party glitches(Most work for me, though), TV glitches, and Dashing Dolphin.

  9. g2u3c4c5i says:

    My brother is stuck on an adventure park mission where you are supposed to reach 300 points playing zingoz pop – he has 3 times. Is it not registering this because of the update? Should we just contact Webkinz CS? Thanks :)

    • iluvlions20 says:

      I had the same problem. I played both the new game and the old version in the tournament area. It finally went through for me. Not sure which one worked for it though. Good luck!

  10. 975689 says:

    The new game doesn’t seem to be connecting properly to the quests in Adventure Park. I’m trying to complete Sally Cat’s Mini Quest which requires a score of 600 points. I’ve more than exceeded the score five times now, but it doesn’t register on the quest so I’m kind of frozen out of playing any more quests. Could you please fix this? Thanks!

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