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Hello, lovely readers! It is I, Fiona Feathers, here with more of your questions received at the KinzPost! If you’re curious, I’ve also previously answered mailĀ here. Now, what’s in the mailbag today?


Dear Webkinz,


What was the first Webkinz ever?


Your friend,


Sophia in Indiana


Great question, Sophia! I asked around for you and the answer is that there was no first Webkinz, there were actually a first SET of Webkinz. They were released in 2005: Golden Retriever, Black Bear, Pig, Cow, Lion, Elephant, and Hippo. To learn more, give the “A Brief History of Webkinz” episode of Podkinz a listen here (or on iTunes)!


Dear Webkinz,


The Tigerlily Pup is AWESOME! I love its colors. When can I adopt one for my own?




Emma in Arizona



Hi, Emma! I completely agree with you, the Tigerlily Pup is one cute pet! Lucky for all of us, you can adopt them in the W Shop beginning June 4. Not much longer to wait!



Dear Webkinz,


Most Webkinz have different prints like Hawaiian, floral or just any really cool ones. How do you figure out what prints you put on your animals?




Jada in Utah


What a cool question! The Plush department at Ganz comes up with different plush designs based on fabric prints they come across that they really love. Sometimes these prints help them decide which pet to make; for instance, the Aloha Dolphin is made from a bright and festival tropical flower print, which just makes sense, doesn’t it? But of course, the Plush designers always make sure they love the print before they decide to make a pet with it — that way every Webkinz is a cuddly collectible that fans will love, too!


Want to write to Webkinz? Send your letters to:


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61 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona!

  1. pansy246 says:

    my family has all of the first pets besides the elephant wow i never knew that

  2. fairy16flower says:

    Wow! I never knew it but I have 4 of the first original Webkinz Pets! I have the Golden Retriever, Lion, Elephant, and Hippo.

  3. Perfectlypink779 says:

    Took me ten minutes to type the thing above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  4. Perfectlypink779 says:

    I just want to say, brace yourselves, because I love writing, and I am already making a story. I have alot of questions, so, be ready: I know that the first webkinz came out as a set, but what one was the first to be made into an actual plush? How do you turn in Webkinz Fan Art? Something is going wrong every time I log onto my webkinz account, because, I type in the User, and Pass, and it wont let me in, but on the second time it does, what’s going on? I found a recipe for a clothing item, and the screen blacked out while I was doing the recipe, and when I got on, all my clothes were replaced by PW, why did that happen? When will we be able to type what we want to say? How come a lot of the stuff is for members? How do you put in a membership code? When I put a dress on my Dachshund, it looks like its been split in half, why does that happen? And finally, what happened to vacation Island tickets?

  5. Perfectlypink779 says:

    Dear Fiona, I am having trouble with logging in, whenever I log in, It wont load, so, I wait for a long time, also like an hour, and it still doesn’t load. So I exit webkinz, then log back on, and it works, I was wondering why that happens, because it’s kind of annoying, I= Please reply to this because I need MAJOR HELP. From, A webkinz player, Perfectlypink779

  6. costumecreator says:

    Please make the tigerlily pup in plush, or so normal members can afford it! Its not fair we can’t get estore points too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. clrichards1965 says:

    Hey Fiona I have a question, I know the tiger lily pup comes out june fourth but how much will it cost? I need her because she comes out on my birthday!

  8. otissandra says:

    “etncpink, to answer your question, ditto means “WHAT THEY SAID.”

  9. Jenny17 says:

    To bad you can’t turn kinzcash into estore points and estore points into kinzcash. Well estore points are pretty rare, and kinzcash is not so :(. Any one want to friend me on webkinz?

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