Pick Up Winterfest Snowflake Cookies & Win!


This winter is a GREAT time to win even more cool items for your pet! Want to know how?



Pick up 3-Packs or 5-Packs of Winterfest Snowflake Cookies at the eStore to feed to your pet and win! You could win awesome Winterfest prizes, plus you have a chance to win a gorgeous Royal Ice Sleigh!



Remember, if you want to WIN a FREE 5-Pack, play the Winterfest Challenge in Webkinz Friends! You can send it back to your Webkinz.com account to feed to your pet!


6 Responses to Pick Up Winterfest Snowflake Cookies & Win!

  1. xotzel says:

    Yes!!!!! I got the sleigh! It is so cool! Good luck everyone…….

  2. WKmom says:

    Although I understand that not everyone can win the sleigh, I was really disappointed with the cookies. I bought a 5 pack and the prizes I won were no different than the ones you earn from clicking on snowflakes. If I’m going to spend e-points, that cost me actual money, I’d at least like to receive something different than the free prizes. I’m not sure I will participate in a promotion like this again.

    • KinzMom5 says:

      I agree COMPLETELY! I was really disappointed in my box of cookies. I would NOT have purchased this had I realized that they were no different than the free snowflake prizes. I would have spent money on something else. And I wasn’t even looking for the sleigh prize – I was just looking forward to a few prizes that were especially from the cookie box.

  3. EEVSPEAK says:

    The sleigh is beautiful! :)

  4. MiaStella789 says:

    I got my cookies!!

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