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This year, everyone in my grade has to write an “All About Me” project. Here’s mine.

Name: Salley Cat

Age: 12

Family Members: Just me and my mom. My dad lives in Western Webkinz World and I don’t see him often at all.

Special Talent: I can crochet scarves. I can also fix most computer problems – not many people know, but I’m pretty savvy when it comes to technology. I also make excellent salsa. Everyone says so!


Most Embarrassing Moment: When a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) spilled my salsa all over my new shirt. Ugh. What a mess!


Best Moment: Meeting my BFF Stoogles (which is why it’s SO hard to be in a different class from him this year, Ms. Cowoline).


Friends Say I Am: Kind, stubborn, a leader, occasionally forgetful, caring, smart


My Favorite Food Is: This is hard! I love lots of foods. I especially like tacos, salsa, and anything spicy!


My LEAST Favorite Food Is: Believe it or not, I really don’t like watermelon.


If I Could Be ANYTHING When I Grow Up, I’d Be: Hmm…this is another tough one. I’ve got a lot of interests. Some days I think I’d like to be a chef. Other times I think I’d like to be a food reviewer. Sometimes I think I might like to learn to program computers. Maybe I’ll be the first cat to do all three!


This Year, I Hope: Ms. Cowoline will reconsider and put Stoogles and I in the same homeroom. It’s just cruel to split up best friends. Also, I hope to get involved at school – maybe I’ll even form a club or something.

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  1. CandyGirl says:

    Cool Me and sally are the same age and my best moment was meeting my BFF too!

  2. snowcares says:

    Hmm…..the nameless someone? :? i think it’s Purr-cilla! :o

  3. live*laugh*love=happiness says:

    I don’t really like watermelon either. I’ll eat it, but its not my fav.

  4. BigAdventureTimeFan says:

    Hey, I have to do an ‘All About Me’ poster-thingy too! Everyone in fourth grade has to. I also want to be a chef when I grow up! I’m an EXCELLENT chef, well, that’s what my family says, but, you know how adults are :B

    Soooooooooooooo…. yeah.


  5. Kristen says:

    12 in cat years or people years? :)

    i don’t like watermelon either :P

    ~ Kristen :)

  6. WinterFawn says:

    Interesting profile. =) I knew most of those things but not all. I like computers too. =)

  7. mama5517 says:

    If you like sports just tryout and then your BFF can play with you…or how about Band…that’s a Club that actually helps improve every other aspect of your studying!!

  8. jupiterismyhamster says:

    Salley, if you’re interested in programming, try Scratch. I love it, it’s super easy and a great start for anyone who wants to make their own video games!

  9. Spots says:

    Western webkinz world? they should put it on the map so we could visit, that would be cool

    • Emeraldleaf says:

      OMG……Salley and I are so alike! We both hate watermelon, and love spicy foods like salsa and tacos! :) Salley Cat is awesome! We’re both caring, smart, and forgetful sometimes, too!

      ~*Emeraldleaf*~ :mrgreen: !

    • HOMESCHOOLERS ROCK!!!!!!!! says:

      one question: HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE WATERMELON????? (no offense of course) i LOVE watermelon!!!!! :lol: its like, SOOOOO awesome! i could eat it all day! :mrgreen: for those who don’t like watermelon, please don’t take offense by this. if anyone wants to be my friend, i’m pinetoparizona349 ;)

    • PandaOreo1 says:

      Whoa. I never expected the kinz crew members to be in the same age and grade as me!!!

    • Heatherstem says:

      She reminds me of me when i was like 6…. My dad couldn’t find work in our town and he had to pretty much LIVE thousands to millions of miles away. He would come back every few months and we would have a party. We went to this burrito place and ate there while he was in our home town because he loved it. And then one day during first grade my dad walked in the door, and I freaked. He said he had found a job and a plane got him home in time, and we got to stay here and he is with us now! Yay! :’ ) I remember my teacher’s face when my dad, wearing business khakis and his stained work shirt, opened the door… :)

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