Challenge 16: Get Permission to Walk to School














It’s Stoogles. I asked my parents if, instead of taking the bus to school, I could try walking instead. They said that as long as I find a friend to walk with, they’re fine with it.  So from now on, I’m going to try and walk to school every day. It’s a great way to start the day!

31 Responses to Challenge 16: Get Permission to Walk to School

  1. Horse angel119 says:

    I’m hoomschooled and my school desk is in my bedroom! I take two steps and i’m there!
    ***Horse angel119***

  2. chloe says:

    i already walk to school!

  3. spiderman! says:

    I can’t walk to school! It’s too far for me! id be walking for hours!
    Also this would be even harder in winter but I think its a good idea for people that have their school close by.

  4. WhiskerHunterD says:

    Hey guys! For your safety, NEVER walk alone!!! Exercise is great, but your safety comes first! Be safe

  5. toyjungle says:

    I’m home schooled.

  6. 90flowerpots says:

    What if I do all my school on the computer? It’s only about 2 seconds away from my room. Lol


  7. popprincess34 says:

    I walk cause i live a few blocks away but my mom and brother walk with me

  8. WinterFawn says:

    Isanity: Me too! I don’t think I live that far away but it takes at least twenty minutes to pass the school I would’ve gone too.

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