Ella and PJ = BFFs?







So I saw PJ today…just in passing. She was running to history class and I was running to biology. As she passed, I handed her this note:

Dear PJ,

I’m so sorry about what happened between us. It’s silly to fight about a party! I think we can compromise – let’s have the party in the park, but let’s not invite so many kids. What do you think? I hope we can work things out. I really miss having my BFF around! Please meet me tomorrow in front of La Soufflé. If you want, we can talk about everything…and share some of Chef Sophia’s delicious chocolate cake.

Hope to see you there.

Your BFF (?)


77 Responses to Ella and PJ = BFFs?

  1. Moving Girl says:

    I think the note is very nice.

  2. bugzy says:

    nice note, but in our school we’d get a detention if a teacher saw us reading one.
    how old are ella&pj?☺♥♦♣♠•◘♫

  3. tita1101 says:

    I know how that ffeells :( I had a bff she saiid best friend for life. didn’t work out she found someone else :(

  4. Glimy says:

    Great! Me and my friend did that once when we were angry at each other!

  5. maymycute330 says:

    wait how do i get there somebody help me!!! please

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