Hailey & Elwin at the Infirmary

Hi ‘Kinz fans! It’s Elwin. Hailey and I are still here at the camp, trying to get things in ship shape. Recently we checked out the infirmary. Wow – I’m feeling a bit woozy.









This infirmary is in desperate need of some treatment. We’re going to give this cabin an injection of style and it should make a miraculous recovery in no time. The way the beds are spread out is an ineffective use of space and the examination area is too cramped. The waiting area is awkward and unwelcoming and the desk area is taking up too much space in the centre of the cabin. Let see what we can do to revitalize this infirmary.









Now this definitely feels better! Lining all the beds up on the same wall made room for another bed – it’s a good idea to be sure and have lots of space for sick campers – just in case. Some wicker chairs and a loveseat were the perfect cure for the waiting area. We combined it with the desk area to create a comfortable yet compact space that leaves plenty of room for patient care. More space, as well as a couple of chairs and some storage, is just the remedy for the examination area.

Of course nobody wants to end up in the infirmary while they’re visiting camp. But if they have to, then a well-organized, spacious and attractive environment is sure to put little ‘Kinz right on the road to recovery.

55 Responses to Hailey & Elwin at the Infirmary

  1. Pink Flower says:

    I don’t like how the beds have no privacy in the new room. I don’t really like either of the rooms!
    -Pink Flower

  2. noOMG88 says:

    the second one is way better. prettier and brighter.:)

  3. wmd755 says:

    I don’t like either of these.

  4. aol98 says:

    I like the old one better…..it seems more like a camp infirmary than the second one.

  5. jessmonkey99 says:

    i feel sssoo bad 4 them… it looked ssssooo ugly!!!!!

  6. Cocaneerider says:

    Well, yes, the second one is a LITTLE better, but they should have had wallpaper or paint!! the brown wall & floor just uglify it all. Maybe white wallpaper, or if they added some blues & greens in the room…………..?

  7. panegwie says:

    Can you fix one of my rooms? I have like 4 spare rooms and I was hoping that you guys could make 1 of them a sitting room for my Wz to sit when their room is getting constuction. My user name is panegwie.

  8. panegwie says:

    Wow that looks amazing!!!!!! I mean wow, they even made extra room!!!!

  9. Pokemon227 says:

    I think you should make this a club house room it would be a incredible role play room!!!!

  10. Homestyle33 says:

    The room is allright, but it’s not one of my favorites.

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