Rainy Day Activities









Amanda Panda here, campers! Don’t let a little summer rain dampen your spirits. There’s all sorts of fun to be had inside on a rainy day! When it’s wet outside, things can get wild inside with fun activities like:

-          Charades

-          Scavenger hunts

-          Putting on skits

-          Role playing scenarios

-          Singing songs

-          Creating a camp scrapbook

-          Making paper hats

-          Poster making

-          Guessing games

-          Making camp badges

Putting on a puppet show

37 Responses to Rainy Day Activities

  1. FeLiNeS FoReVeR says:

    I never play those on a rainy day, I read, draw, play with my sisters ,play Webkinz, watch Lord of the Rings (i never actually did that but i would) LOL! But I don’t have that problem where i live, its SOOOOO hot. Worse i had tennis lessons today! It was boiling! I have a lesson on Thurs. but I’m not going to go cause its gonna be over 100. So you get the point its hot and dry.

    FeLiNeS FoReVeR

  2. Rose says:

    Oh! I love all these activites, charades and singing songs are my favorite games to play! But, what Amanda Panda forgot to mention was board games and card games! Does anyone like the game “Apples to Apples”? That’s my favorite card game! And what about LIFE, Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Go Fish, Checkers, Chess, Risk? The list could go on and on.

  3. Veronica says:

    Oh yeah! I know the game ninja! It’s really fun. My teacher used to play it with my class and I! I play it with my friends, too.

  4. Rhoda says:

    Nah, you can only do those when friends are over, and it’s not normally rainy then. Just give me a good book and I’ll read for hours, as usual, or I can play on Webkinz, or work on the books I’m attempting to write, or draw. I do these all the time, it’s no fun outside with no friends over to play with. None of my friends live next door or up the road a bit, so we have to arange for them to come, and it is hard because they always seem to be busy. I wish they lived within walking distance of me, then we could just drop in whenever. Which is why we all love the telephone! Of course, I see a couple of my friends on most Sundays and Wednessdays. Anyway, I can keep myself entertained anytime. ;)

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