Rainy Day Activities









Amanda Panda here, campers! Don’t let a little summer rain dampen your spirits. There’s all sorts of fun to be had inside on a rainy day! When it’s wet outside, things can get wild inside with fun activities like:

-          Charades

-          Scavenger hunts

-          Putting on skits

-          Role playing scenarios

-          Singing songs

-          Creating a camp scrapbook

-          Making paper hats

-          Poster making

-          Guessing games

-          Making camp badges

Putting on a puppet show

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  1. JBrulz6♥ says:

    OK….. But half of the things that mebelovin♥ said, you cant do inside. unless u have trees, and a foot ball field in your house.

  2. purple zebra says:

    i like to do alot of those things lol:)!!!!!

  3. Moonstar says:

    I do these all the time! I don’t need a rainy day! HAHAHAHAHAH! -Moonstar§

  4. Sweetpea says:

    Those seem fun. Here are some: invite a friend over or ask if you can come over, read a book, scrapbook, play a board game, paint, etc. :) (@) (&) You can also play in the rain! :)

    • Amanda the Pomeranian lover says:

      Why is it all about Camp? Like, I think that Camp is for little kids!!!!! Camping is a LOT funner, why? Well, here you go; Why Camping is funner then Camp: 1: YOU GET TO BRING YOUR DOG(S)!!! 2. You`re roughing it out (And if you`re like my family, you get to to deep in to the wild, we don`t always go to public Camp grounds). 3. In the real wild, you get to see thing (Or hear) like Bears, Wolves, Cougars (My mom and I heared a Wolf in the mountains across the lake and Bears are a commen thing, even at my house in the fall)….. 4: You can be in a Camper or a tent. 5: No annoying songs and no anyone telling you a whole wak of rules. 6: The games DOGOPOLY and Fusteration!!! 7:A good and scary adventure when riding on logging roads. 8: Fishing. 9: “Back broken“ Dads leaping out of the Camper to get thier little Pontoon boats that are floating away. and 10: Having to chase the Dogs back in to the camping ground away from our camping neighbors!!!!!! Nope when you`re really camping, there`s no such thing as bordom!!

      • ILovefinnick says:

        I so agree! Well, everything except the dog parts. I don’t have a dog. But I’d much rather camp for real and fish than go to like, a summer camp. Well, we never camp in a tent, but we have a trailer.

        • Amanda the Pomeranian lover says:

          Okay….. I`m talking about my opinon about camping, Ilovefinnick, why don`t you have a Dog? I don`t have a tent either, I have a Camper, I like a Camper because it`s not too big (Like a trailer), and for me being a Dog owner of two Pomeranians, they get to come in too p.s, I have to sleep with the Dogs, and Charlie dosn`t like being at the bottom of the bed so he`ll crawl up and sleep by my face so then I get smotherd in thick black fur LOL (My bed is the cusions at the table, plus the table is apart of it when it folds down)!! I know that this is random, but my dad is a welder, and he makes cool things, including boats!!!

  5. WinterFawn says:

    It’s fun to play in the rain. =)

  6. Hello Kitty ROX! says:

    I always wanted Amanda Panda’s outfit! Does anyone know where to get it? – Hello Kitty ROX! ^.~

  7. dancegirl226 says:

    My friends and I love to put on skits.

  8. Mudstar says:


  9. Addict502 says:

    Neat activities. Fun, fun. $~Addict502~$

  10. Wittygirl23 says:

    Cool I love Charades – Wittygirl23 ☺☻♥ ♠ ♣ ♦ ○ ◘ •

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