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Dear Mom,

It’s been raining all day here and I thought we were going to have the most boring camp day ever, but it didn’t really work out like I expected. We woke up this morning to a huge downpour and a camp full of mud. Luckily we had rain gear with us because the march to the mess hall was pretty mucky. I almost wiped out three times!

After we ate our breakfast, all the counselors came out with big grins on their faces. We couldn’t figure out what there was to smile about – we all thought our whole day was ruined! But then Amanda said that rainy days were some of her favorite days at Camp.  The counselors knew a whole bunch of cool games that we could play without going outside.

We cleared away all the tables and chairs and then Amanda divided us up into teams. Our teams had to come up with a team cheer, and then Kimmy brought out big sheets of craft paper and markers and paint and each team decorated their own team banner, which we hung up on the wall behind us.

The first game we played was called ‘What the Queen Wants’. Amanda was the queen and when she asked for something, like a sock, or a hair ribbon or a size 10 shoe, the first team to get the item to her got a point. Our team came SO close to winning that one, but Salley’s team won instead.

We played another game called Bring Home the Bacon. Each player on the team had a number, from one to ten. Amanda put a ball in the middle of the room and then she called out a number. The person from each team with that number had to run to the middle of the room and try to grab the ball and bring it back to their team. The one who got it won a point.

After lunch we played a game Amanda called ‘The Hailey and Elwin Game.’ She assigned each team to a cabin and we had to go to that cabin and decorate it with things like toilet paper, and markers and paint on craft paper. Then the counselors went ‘round to each cabin and judged which one was best. Guess what – we DID win that challenge! I think it was the Persian rug we designed out of craft paper and paint in the middle of the floor. It was pretty cool.

We had such a busy day that Amanda said we could have some quiet time in our cabin to chill out – that’s why I’m writing to you! But after dinner each team is going to put on a puppet show with the sock puppets we made with Kimmy.

You know, I think that this might be my favorite day at camp so far!

Love you,


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  1. ILove says:

    Oh, sleepaway camp is fun, flowerdaisy. I go to girl’s camp every year, and that is 4 nights. Plus, it isn’t like a summer camp. It’s real camping, in the dirt with mice in our cabins.

  2. flowerdaisy13579 says:

    I think that that is kinda sweet! Dont you? But I think that it is really nice that his counclers had lots of really really fun games planed for all of the campers. I really wish that I went to that camp! (But it sounds like it is a sleepaway camp, and i would never go to a sleepaway camp…) I wish that they would let us play those kind of games at school sometimes! It dosen’t look like they would though…so I guess I am running out of hope. But thats not the right aditude, so I guess I’m NOT running out of hope! Okay! Thats all I really need to know…that letter was really sweet! :) (:

  3. ILove says:

    I like dancing in the rain at camp. It rained a TON one year I was at girl’s camp.

  4. CinderellaCleaners says:

    Great letter! All those games sound fun, except the puppet show. I’ve never really been interested in those kind of things. I guess I can’t sit still unless I’m doing something fun!

    ~Edge of Glory~

  5. p0pc0rn123 says:

    ya i love rainy days i normaly look out my door (its see through)and look around some times i go OUT SIDE and go in the chicken coop :mrgreen: other times i make two kinds of pop corn then i put butter in one and leave the other plain theirs a game to it but i don’t like the game….so i give the plain to the chickens THEY LOVE IT then when my chorus are done i invite a friend over and we watch movies (in my basement watching movies while their’s a thunder storm mostly when it’s scary!It’s the coolest thing EVER
    we have a sleep over
    we don’t go to sleep
    we play many of games
    fall asleep 4 a few sec.
    wake up and laugh because our hair looks funny
    watch h2o
    (me and my BFF love that show)
    well thanks 4 reading!
    :mrgreen: :D :mad: :cry:
    ~p0pc0rn out [][][]

  6. emily says:


  7. Louisianian says:

    They messed up on bring home the bacon there is supposed to be a bucket of water in the middle. You run out there grab the bucket dump it on someone on the other team whoever has the driest team wins, oh yea your also supposed to play outside it is a lot more fun that way. YAHOO!!!

  8. Harrypotter82499 says:

    mabey hehad someone else write it for him by the way hes a funky platpus :)

    • me again says:

      Googles are not platypuses, they are Googles. They have been around since the early 80′s as Ganz’ Signature pet The really fluffy ones are in the Heritage Collection By Ganz

      • are u sure me again?? says:

        are u sure a google isn’t a platpus??? because in the pet of the month song it says have u ever had the chance to see a silly platpus dance and a google is the star of the video
        -**midnight moon**

  9. tammy says:

    hey everyone! looks like everyone had fun at camp! that’s why there was a rainy day craft i just figured that out! ☺ i like the games what the queen wants

  10. shammy says:

    hey people of webkinz if u have a rare item please tell me how u got it

    bye :)


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