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    hey there! you may know me from some of my other forums and you may know I have a raffle forum. but this is my second one and it is better! I will have three contests going on at the same time each week . each contest will ask a question . you will answer the question of the contest you chose to enter in and you will also tell me your username . on the day of the drawing I will go over the posts and write the usernames of people who got the answer right. those peoples names will be in a jar and the name I pull out will win that contest! I will send that person their gift. you can enter in as many contests that you want. I will draw for the contests every Monday. so here are the contests! 1. what was the pet of the month in October 2010? prize : three things to decorate your yard with. 2. what webkinz host is this ? it is a girl. she wears a watch and a necklace with stars on it. prize : a rare doll. 3. what game in the tournament arena has do with placing reeds ? prize: 3 pieces of clothing that make a clothing recipe in the clothing machine. so join!

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      some people have asked whether they have to enter all of them or If they are a loud to enter all of them. you can enter as many as you want so it does not matter whether you enter 1 or 2 or 3.

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      Hair! So I will awnser all the questions. 1= Pink Poodle 2= Polly Jean Collie also know as PJ Collie 3= The game I never win….. Duck Crossing. I hope I was allowed to do all three. My user name is Zebb5

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      Hi! Thanks for having this contest! 1. Pink Poodle 2. PJ Collie 3. Duck Crossing My username is eagleauburn95

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      1) IDK…I will guess the black cat 2) PJ Collie 3) Duck Cossing Cool forum! My user is PomJazz. ~I am God’s Disciple

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      2: PJ Collie

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