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    If you would like a free gift, your comment must be submitted by Christmas Eve of 2013. Any submissions after Christmas Eve will not get a free gift. I am giving out any current Non-Deluxe Wshop, or any current Non-Deluxe KinzStyle Outlet item of your choice. Some people will not only get the gift they asked for, but they will get an extra gift with it. There are a variety of extra gifts and one lucky person will get a Super Bed! :D To win these extra gifts you must have answered the questions below clearly without being greedy or rude.
    1. What is the username for the account I should send the gift to?
    2. What gift would you like?
    3. Is there any extra information I should know?
    4. (Optional) What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
    Thank you for visiting this forum! :D

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      Hi!! (1) My User is, froggyis10. (2) I would love to get 2 cozy winter tam. (3) I have a twin sister who would like 1 of the cozy winter tams…. It is a secret… she doesn’t know I am giving to her! (4) Getting to Celebrate Jesus’s birth!!!!!!!!

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      1- Jasdog 2- I’d love any of the outdoor Christmas pieces, I can’t afford them =( 3- No, I don’t think so =) 4- Everything, but I especially love the snow. Thanks for doing this!! =)

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        Hi! You are soooo nice! I would like the Christmas tree for outside and the gold glittery tree for inside. My username is crazybratz011. Thanks soooo much! ~crazy011~

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          Also my favorite thing about Christmas is that my family just seems to get along better. ~crazy011~

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      I am sooo sorry!! I just noticed that you do not give deluxe gifts… sorry. I guess I already have plenty of stuff. Thx for offering such a nice thing to everyone.

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      My username is Glitter1414 what a wonderful fourm! well the extra info is that…… Hmm i cannot think of anything I REALLLLLY need probably just a purple bed from wshop It is hard for me to care for all my pets :( But this is sooo sweet! My favorite thing about christmas is Christmas eve that moment where you are tossing and turning for hours trying to go to sleep :D LOL KIDDING! My favorite thing is getting the christmas tree and then admiring its beauty and thanking God for all that this world has. You realllly do not have to get me anything i just like reading sweet fourms like this and looking at all the people that are all kissing up to you! Unfortunately I am one of those poeple :)

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      Hi! I am JesusismyLord, and I’d like to know if you’d buy me a gingerbread cabin kit. thanks!

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