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    Hi atom, DF, angel and any of my other friends from UNhistory! I am starting a forum for the things we were discussing that we shouldn’t discuss any more on UNhistory. Please pray for my family, my great-grandmother just died last night and the funeral service is going to be on the 28th. I love Britt Nicole’s song “Don’t worry now”. The chorus goes, “When it feels like you are all alone just like your best friend up and gone, don’t worry now, don’t worry now, I’ve been there I know how it feels to wonder if love is even real, don’t worry now, don’t worry now, ’cause its gonna be okay.” Blessings. goldbybrittnicoll

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      Gold, I am praying for you! Check out my post on page #1 if you didn’t see it. Also check out It’s Only the World by Mandisa!-Atom

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        I saw it! Sorry I haven’t replied yet! Thank you so so much for your prayers! I listened to the preview on Amazon, sounds like a great song! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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      i do hope u get through this Gold!!!!! praying for you!!!!! please check ou the song ” Love is Come” by Mark Schultz. here are some of the words, ” For anybody who has ever lost a loved one. And you feel like you had to let go to soon. I know it hurts to say goodbye, but don’t you know it’s just a matter of time till the tears are gonna end, you’ll see them once again and in that moment! every knee shall bow. Every tongue confess. That God is love, love has come for us all!!!!” and i too lost a dog named Rocky when i was six. ~Praying for you!!!!!

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      Gold! I am so sorry!!! May God bring peace to you! I have a prayer request. :) My cat (Oreo) is struggling. My parents said that if he doesn’t go up naturally soon or start using his litterbox, we are going to have to put him down. I’ve had Oreo since I could remember, and now this is all I can think about. We don’t want to put him down, but he’s getting to that point. I’ve been crying, and I really just need peace. There is this new Christian artist song that I love but just forgot! :) Keep in touch and God bless, Jesus Freak

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        I am so sorry about Oreo! I am sure that God will have another cat just like Oreo for you in Heaven! Here’s a kinda odd question, which Warrior cat does Oreo most look like? I will be praying for you! Listen to Britt Nicole’s song “Don’t Worry Now”, it is very comforting. Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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      Thanks Gold for sending a Christmas Item! I am very busy this week but I will send you something when I am on break!-Atom

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      I’m sorry to hear that, I don’t know you, so let me introduce myself, I’m JesusismyLord and I’m a friend of Atom’s. I love your name, and I will pray for you. ;) I feel so sorry for you, the only “family member” (that I knew) that I’ve lost, was my dog. I’m so sorry for you and I admire your love for Christ and the fact that you aren’t ashamed to show it. Blessings, and Sympathy JesusismyLord.

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        I love your username too! I am thankful that the people who manage webkinz news are willing to post these comments! Sorry about your dog! Thank you for your prayers! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll P.S. What is your webkinz username? I’ll friend you!

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