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    Hi atom, DF, angel and any of my other friends from UNhistory! I am starting a forum for the things we were discussing that we shouldn’t discuss any more on UNhistory. Please pray for my family, my great-grandmother just died last night and the funeral service is going to be on the 28th. I love Britt Nicole’s song “Don’t worry now”. The chorus goes, “When it feels like you are all alone just like your best friend up and gone, don’t worry now, don’t worry now, I’ve been there I know how it feels to wonder if love is even real, don’t worry now, don’t worry now, ’cause its gonna be okay.” Blessings. goldbybrittnicoll

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      Wow I know how it feels like you wanna shut down but you have to move on.MY grandma died in 2010:( and she was one of my best friend and like a second mom to me! and I lost my great grand mother 3 months later:( but britt Nicole rocks and try miley cyrus the climb it helps too!

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      Thank you Gold so much! I really love the Circle of Friends Topiary! It looks really cool and is very special! I can’t thank you enough! If you would like me to look for anything for you, just say. Thanks again and also everyone remember that you are worth more than GOLD! Don’t be afraid to wear your crown your a king a queen inside and out! Peace and Merry Christmas-Atom

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      Hey y’all! Stealthstorm here on a new account. If you have an Apple product, you should get the app Bible Lock. They have the coolest Christian wallpapers! :D I love the song It’s a Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace. If your down, listen to the song. It makes you realize what a great world God made for us! ~We are God’s Disciples

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      Hi Gold! Thank you so much for the Amethest Gode I wanted! I am making a Red room for my Red Eyed Tree Frog. I got her when I was little and named her RED. Lame name right! LOL!-Atom

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        My brother almost named his first webkinz (it was a dog) Dog (but my Mom said no)! Glad to help by sending the geode! Blessings! goldbybrittnicoll

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      I am glad you liked the song. WIth DF, Lamb, Jesus’s, and your help I finished 2 roller coasters. I would like to thank all of you for that! Oh by the way I am making a GOLD room theme, so if you can come over one day that would be great!=-Atom

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