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    I made such a big deal with the signatures. When I said, “they are hard as a rock,” I was trying to say that they are super stiff (in my opinion.) I am sorry for EVERYTHING I said. Please forgive me I am really sorry. D;

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      Atomton thanks for coming to my house (webkinz)

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      You were just giving your opinion and that’s okay.

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      Hi! You have nothing to be sorry about!!! I’m sorry if I said anything to upset you when I posted on your forum!

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      Sorry about glitch in your house. Can you invite me over again sometime? Hopefully with no glitch present! That would make life much easier. You said follow me. You were there one minute and then disappeared to a room that didn’t exist on the map.. I tried getting to you but Ganz butted me off. I hope you understand.-Atom

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      SPQ- Chill. You did not purpously hurt anybody’s feelings. You are not the one who should be apoligizing. I should be the one apoligizing, because I overreacted. So, I’M sorry. ~ljc100~

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