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    I made such a big deal with the signatures. When I said, “they are hard as a rock,” I was trying to say that they are super stiff (in my opinion.) I am sorry for EVERYTHING I said. Please forgive me I am really sorry. D;

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      Hi Snowflake, check your mailbox, i sent you something you wanted on my trade list! I hope you like it. It is really cool and I think goes outside. Also I don’t know if you saw it, but the W-shop has an inside christmas tree for sale. It is the Sparkling Christmas Tree, be sure to pick some up because before this year it was retired since 2010. I only know that because I researched. Moreover, if you would also like the Candy Cane Couch from the collection event. LMK, I can also send that to you for free. Thanks. :) _Atom

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      Hiya! You have nothing to apologize for. You were just stating your opinion on the signatures. If it was what I said in my forum about people not caring I didn’t mean you. Your my friend and I would never do that to a friend. I understand what you meant when u said hard as q rock u meant they are stiff. People just took u the wrong was and went cray cray on you. Hope you don’t let those people make u sad.

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        no cause now I understand that I have great friends including you

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          =D Thanks!! -trys to hug- Something is wrong with my screen, I can’t hug u. Maybe its a force field.

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            Maybe. Let me try since the laptop is next to the wall. *Back up and runs and jumps at it* yay it seems to be working *hits wall* oww that hurt. Lets try that again. JK I would not do that. But what if I did…………………………………… Hope you see this. -Snow

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      hey there snow pup queen . this post is not about the signatures it is about your book club forum. I joined and someone else did and there is still know one to tell us what book to read. i am not trying to be mean and i am not even mad i just wanted to tell you.

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        I sent a friend request and it is gonna be “an air of a mystery”

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      Oops! Thanks snowflake for pointing that out. :( :) ! I meant booting. I typed it in wrong. You are very sharp to catch that! TTYS-Atom

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