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    Hi everyone. I have started my psf collection, now that I have finally gotten which foods I have in order LOL. But to list all the ones I need would take way to long, so I am kind of going to be listing them by groups of pets. The first one I am doing is horses. I am hoping to finish off the whole list then move to the next group of pets.
    I would appreciate it if you could just go over the list and see if you have any of the pets and psf. My username is Bubblon so feel free to add me. Thanks and it’s much appreciated, Lamb

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      Hi everyone! I finally got this list up after soooo long!! SO here are the dog PSF I am collecting. After this I will be done with dogs! These first 2 are some old ones I never got:
      - Rainbow Pegasus (Rainbow marshmallow kebab)
      - Irish Setter (Discus Biscuits)
      And this is the normal dog list:
      - Airedale terrier (elegant English muffins)
      - Blonde dachshund (vanilla cannoli)
      - Boston terrier (Boston caked bones)
      - Boxer (champion treats)
      - Brown Boston terrier (charred baseball steak)
      - Bulldog puppy (big game nachos)
      - Candy pup (chewy gummy bones)
      - Cherry soda pup (creamy cherry cheesecake)
      - Choco cheeky dog (chocobones cereal)
      - Chocolate pup (fine fudge truffles)
      - Chow chow (puffy pedigree pastry)
      - Cocoa lab (caramel ice pop)
      - Dazzle dachshund (swanky sorbet)
      - Green earth puppy (farm fresh frittata)
      - Jelly bean puppy (jelly bean jam)
      - King Charles spaniel (noble nachos)
      - Labradoodle (scrumptious T-bone steak)
      - Pink punch cheeky dog (berry berry smoothie)
      - Pizzazzy puppy (pinkberry punch)
      - Poofy poodle (fluffy bonbons)
      - Portuguese water dog (barkalhau)
      - Razzle dazzle dog (sparkling pork chops)
      - Schnauzer (schnauzer schnitzel)
      - Scottish terrier (mince and tatties)
      - Shar pei (peking puppy food)
      - Shih Tzu (bow wow chow mein)
      - Spotted spaniel (chocolate chip ice cream sandwich)
      - Springer spaniel (spring-skewered sausage)
      LMK if you have any! Thanks a bunch, LambTyler

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        I have the Schnauzer PSF for you too, I will add it to your list. ~mom~

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        Still need Irish setter food? If so I could send it.

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          Hey Jesus, thanks for the offer, but I already received the Irish setter food! Lamb

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      Hey Tyler, I remember reading somewhere that you needed the a Hay Bale (from Jumble Berry Fields), I have one if you need it. and I’ll send for free if you still need it. See you around W.W.

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        Sure Mark! Only if you’re sure you don’t need it though! LT

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          Not a problem, I send it over soon, you need it more then I do. See you around W.W.

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        Hi Mark. Hope all is well. I have had no luck finding the items you were looking for. So, if you have any other offers on that TV, don’t hold it for me. Go ahead and get the items you are wanting. TTYL. ~mom~

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          Thanks Mark! LT

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            @Mom. everything is fine, Okay I look on your trade list and I found a few things that I like they are Ghost Pirate Hat, Glittering Gem Tree, Relaxing Rocky Sauna, Shipwreck in a Bottle,
            Beanstalk Climbing Tree. if you have any of these I’ll trade it for the T.V., and I’ll send it over to your account (if we trade) so you know you have it, and I wish I had more PSF for your collection. Okay Let me know about the items. and @Tyler, Your Welcome I’m glad that’s the right one you were looking for, I’ll try finding more things off your trade list but since they are redoing the Forms it might be awhile before I can find something for you. Anyway See Ya’ll around W.W. P.S. have you both tried checking People’s ‘My Page’ to see what type of Webkinz they have so they can probably help with your PSF Collection?

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              Hi Mark. I still have the hat, tree and shipwreck. I know I don’t have the climbing tree. Not sure about the sauna. If I do find the sauna, I will send that instead of the hat. ~mom~

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              Hey Mark. Ya thanks! I’m kind of excited for the new forum change, I hope it’s good. When that happens I’ll probably post a new wish list. How updated is your wish list? I haven’t spent a lot of time trading recently but I would love to look for something for you. LMK. Thanks, LT

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              Hi Mark, I did not find the sauna, but let me know if you need one of these: 2010 Christmas wish snow globe, 2011 Christmas wish snow globe or the 2010 Winter Wonders Window. ~mom~

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              @Mom. Okay that sounds good I’ll take the Sauna but if you don’t find/have the Sauna I’ll take the hat for it. Thanks and See you around W.W.

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              @Mom. Are those the Snow Globes from Santakinz? If so I would like the from 2011 that one would be great and I’m good on the other two items, and Thank You for the Trade, I hope your sons like the item. And @Tyler, I know but I don’t know when they will start changing the forms, maybe when the next updated happens. Their are only two things I’m looking for (at this time) the Apple Pie Super Bed and a Enchanted Cascading Garden Fountain (Easter Egg Grand Prize) those are the two I’m most looking. Thank You and See ya’ll around W.W.

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      OK, here’s another list: Frosted Snowflakes, Cowzone, Prairie Berry Muffins, Stealth Steak Tartare, Masked Meatballs, Saltwater Snow Chips, Floating Snail Fondue, Roaring Steak Tartare, Sparkling Sundae, Licorice Canepes, Mud in Your Eye Pie, Sherpa’s Pie, Brine Shrimp Burger, Sunflower Seed Soup, Luv Potion Pop, Luscious Lip Loaf, Bacon Bone, Honeysuckle Sticky Buns, Leafy Layer Cake, Spikey Sedge Soup, Savory Swamp Stew, Fire Spice Ramen, Succulent Tureen of Sardine, Flying Berry Flan, Sparkling Soda, Creme de Cricket, Coral Cordon Bleu, Cocktail Cattails, and Flower Flapjacks. LMK if you need any of these. ~mom~ ps. I will probably have one more list for you.

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        Hey Mom! Out of those I would love the Frosted Snowflakes, Cowzone, Prairie Berry Muffins, Stealth Steak Tartare, Masked Meatballs, Saltwater Snow Chips, Floating Snail Fondue, Roaring Steak Tartare, Sparkling Sundae, Licorice Canepes, Sherpa’s Pie, Leafy Layer Cake, Savory Swamp Stew, Sparkling Soda, Creme de Cricket and Cocktail Cattails. Thanks again soo much!! Lamb

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          OK LT. I have started sending. Crissy is sending me two Stone Lion PSF’s, one is for you, so I hope it is one you still need. Hope you have a great weekend. ~mom~

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            Yup, I definitely still need the Lion. Did Crissy win one? Or is she getting it from somewhere else. I remember her telling me she had a friend who has all the rarest webkinz. That’s great about the Schnauzer. And the new gift raps are so cute lol! Lamb

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              I don’t think she has the Stone Lion, just got some PSF’s from a friend I do believe. I know it was one I was looking forward to getting, but with there being only a few given out, wasn’t expecting to get one so soon. I love the new gift wrap. Just wish there was a way to store that too, or they be kept available all year. I sent the rest from this list and posted another on page 15 for you to look at. ~mom~

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              Ya same. Out of the list on the other page I need the Eel Enchilada, Crispy
              Kelp Salad, Fancy Fig Smoothie, Eucalyptus Leaf Tea, Toadstool Fritter, Purple Candy Pieces, Pomegranate Punch, Octopot Pie, Rainforest Stir Fry, Glam Hors D’oeuvres, Kalahari Quiche, Forest Fruit Salad, Fresh Fish Platter, Spicy Seaweed Salsa, Tuskan Omelet, Roasted Wild Grass. Thanks, LT

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        Hi momofredheadboys, if Lamb doesn’t want these can I have them : Brine Shrimp Burger, Sunflower Seed Soup, Luv Potion Pop, Luscious Lip Loaf, Bacon Bone, Honeysuckle Sticky Buns, Fire Spice Ramen, Succulent Tureen of Sardine, Flying Berry Flan, Coral Cordon Bleu, Cocktail Cattails, and Flower Flapjacks. Thanks so much!

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      Anyone have Zen Dragon or Stone Lion PSI?? Mega Offer for them.

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      Oh one more thing. This was suggested to me by someone else…Go through your friends My Pages and see what pets they have and which ones you still need and leave them a message asking them for specific psf’s. That was so much easier than making a list, waiting for it to moderate and hoping someone sees it. ~mom~

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        Wow that’s smart, I’ll make sure to keep that in mind! Lamb

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