lets solve the neon tutu!!! lets be the ones to solve it!

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    alright everyone! there have been a lot of forums trying to solve it but nobody has yet! lets try! on plumpys place she says: “its a punk -tacular blast from the past.” now lets figure this out! if you don’t have much money to try some combinations maybe try that forum that says earn 10,000 kinzcash in 10 days. then lets try it out and solve it!

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      I am guessing that the retro rainbow belt is in it, because it is rainbow, like the tutu, and the tutu has a belt. The black vest is probably in it, because of what plumpy said. If anyone finds out the recipe, PLEASE tell us!

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      I also saw one forum post that said that the black vest came out after the neon tutu came out! If that’s true, then we have been doing all those recipes with the black vest for nothing. I saw another forum post that said the ruby slippers were probably in it because another of Plumpy’s clues was that it would dazzle and sparkle your webkinz, which is the description for the ruby slippers. Hmm… Someone posted on another post some combinations that didn’t work: Black Vest+Rainbow Boots+Everything=PW, Black Vest+Ballerina Tights+Everything=PW, Black Vest+Blue T-Shirt+Everything=PW, Black Vest+Ruby Slippers+Everything=PW.

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        The black vest came out WAY before the neon tutu came out, the tutu came out in 2010 or 2011 I can’t remember XD and the black vest came out in like 2008. I was also wondering about the ruby slippers too…. Hmm

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        When did the neon tutu come out? Cause the black vest has been around since I started my account in like 2007. Are you guys sure black vest came out after the neon tutu?!?!

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      I just thought of something (sorry I’m posting so much right now but I’m doing research and trying to post what I find) The black belt might be in it because the top part of the tutu if black, but it couold also be the rainbow belt because it has rainbow in that part too. It would make sense for a belt to be needed for that part of the skirt. Someone suggested that the Princess Hat is in the recipe because the cloth on top looks like the material for the tutu. This is actually really hard to solve.

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      I am no recipe solving guru, but I do have a lead. Several forums all over webkinz newz (and other popular forum boards) have reported. That Black Vest+Neon Flip Flops+Everything= patchwork. I hope this helps!

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      Well I don’t think that ANY Deluxe items would be in it anyways because all of the other recipes don’t have Deluxe items but I could be wrong…

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