lets solve the neon tutu!!! lets be the ones to solve it!

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    alright everyone! there have been a lot of forums trying to solve it but nobody has yet! lets try! on plumpys place she says: “its a punk -tacular blast from the past.” now lets figure this out! if you don’t have much money to try some combinations maybe try that forum that says earn 10,000 kinzcash in 10 days. then lets try it out and solve it!

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      I have almost 60,000 kc so i can help a ton!! :)

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      Nevermind, i tried to put the dress in but it won’t takes it :C all hope is lost for me :P

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        I saw that dress too! Do you think there are ant other clothing items with that description? If there are, that could be a new lead!!!

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        aww hugs, dont have lost hope. we will stick together, that’s what friends are for! my wish is if you have any combos at all that work for clothing items other than making patchwork, that you would post those, because i have no clue on any of them, ha ha ha. thanks! chrissysranch

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      OMG OMG OMG. guess what! If you have the Kinzstyle Shop, (i cant remember the name, it’s the place where the poodle is xD) Theres an outfit called the Blueheartz Retro dress. If you read the description, it says, ”This pretty turquoise dress is a blast from the past!” Could this be the key all along? :O

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      Well, it’s not purple mod hat, black vest & smocked sundress!

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      So I figured out that it is impossible for the total KC of the clothes that go into to be 236 because there is no price that does not end in a 0 or a 5 that is old enough to be part of the recipe. You can’t make 236 with numbers that end with 0 or 5.

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        ok good work! if the black vest is not in it then we need to rethink this.

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