lets solve the neon tutu!!! lets be the ones to solve it!

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    alright everyone! there have been a lot of forums trying to solve it but nobody has yet! lets try! on plumpys place she says: “its a punk -tacular blast from the past.” now lets figure this out! if you don’t have much money to try some combinations maybe try that forum that says earn 10,000 kinzcash in 10 days. then lets try it out and solve it!

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      there are EASTER EGGS in games people remember some are UNOBTAINABLE an i think the neon tutu might be one for webkinz. easter eggs do not have to be a reference to other games and well its very popular in video games and most remain a mystery forever and have yet to be solved as to what they are or why they are there. so who thinks my idea might be true?

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        No. that’s not true easter eggs are little tiny things that are just an added detail to make the game or video more interesting. If you have ever seen My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic you might have seen the eyes of a pony named Derpy Hooves. she has crazy eyes looking in opposite directions. This is an easter egg. It is often just a small animation. Sorry to put your theory down.

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          It’s not an easter egg, it was created to be solved. An easter egg is like the scene where you can see Rapunzel in Frozen. It’s a reference or hidden object in a TV show, movie, etc.

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            I still cant find Rapunzel in frozen. :(

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      I thought I’d post a list of my Neon Tutu fails. These combinations are all patchwork. Hopefully if we know what doesn’t work, we won’t waste KinzCash and we’ll solve recipes faster.
      Black Vest, Rainbow Boots, Princess Hat
      Black Vest, Princess Hat, Fluorescent Flip-Flops (I’ll abbreviate as FFF)
      Black Vest, Princess Hat, Retro Rainbow Belt
      Black Vest, Princess Hat, Black Belt
      Black Vest, Rainbow Boots, Black Belt
      Black Vest, Ruby Slippers, Rainbow Boots
      Black Vest, Ruby Slippers, Princess Hat
      Black Vest, Ruby Slippers, FFF
      Black Vest, Pink Ruffled Skirt, Ruby Slippers
      Black Vest, Ruby Slippers, Dude Hat
      Black Vest, Ruby Slippers, Dark Shades
      Black Vest, FFF, Pink Ruffled Skirt
      FFF, Pink Ruffled Skirt, Princess Hat
      FFF, Pink Ruffled Skirt, Academy Skirt
      Black Vest, Pink Ruffled Skirt, Academy Skirt
      Princess Hat, Pink Ruffled Skirt, Academy Skirt
      Ruby Slippers, Ruffled Skirt, Academy Skirt
      Here’s my thinking for the objects I used:
      Plumpy calls the skirt a “punk-tacular blast from the past” and said that it was “sure to dazzle your pet.” Blast from the past is in the description for the Black Vest. Dazzle your pet is in the description for the Ruby Slippers. The Academy skirt would provide the way that each color is a different “section”, while the Pink Ruffled Skirt would provide the waistband. The tulle on the skirt is similar to the tulle on the Princess Hat. The rainbow pattern on the belt could be from the Fluorescent Flip-flops.
      TIP: Do the Pet of the Month videos that have questions at the end. The prize you get can be sold for more Kinzcash. Do this daily, and remember to log out, you’ll get Kinzcash the first time you log out each day! Sell gems or things you don’t want or need. Do Wheel of Wow, Wishing Well 2, and Spree!
      These POTM videos have prizes:
      Caramel Soup
      Tiger Tiger (Resale: 60 KC)
      Misunderstood (No Friends Blues) (Resale: 25 KC)
      Scaredy Cat
      Let’s Go Fishin’
      Cat’s Pajama Party
      It’s Good To Be King
      There are more, but I don’t feel like listing them… Maybe I’ll list them later.

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      HEY GUYS!! i know two! fluorescent flip flops + black vest + i don’t know = neon tutu

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      I’m not really sure what anyone’s really said already, so forgive me if I repeat a few things, aside from the fact that Plumpy said it’s a “punk-tacular blast from the past.” Being that it’s a “blast from the past,” I think it’ll probably be made of older items. The Neon Tutu recipe came out Oct. 26, 2011, so it wouldn’t be made out of anything introduced after that. The description of the Black Vest includes the phrase “blast from the past.” All the other clothes I looked at didn’t have that description, so I’d say there’s a high chance it’s in the recipe. The Pink Striped Swimsuit Bottom is multi-colored, is a bottom, and came out well before the tutu. The Rainbow Stripe pants are a possibility too; they share the same qualities as the swimsuit bottoms. Or, maybe we should switch it up: Black bottoms and a colorful top, like the Thick-Knit Sweater and the Black Jeans. Also, the Rainbow Stripe Boots, to me, are a big possibility. The Retro Rainbow Belt AND the Black Belt are two belt possibilities; the Rainbow Belt is multi-colored, but the main color of the tutu’s belt is black. There are tons of clothing items with bright, colorful, vivid, etc. in their description, so I’m not sure if that matters.

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        Where does plumpy say that? I am new to webkinz and I have been looking forward to seeing some of these recipes solved! :)

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          it is in one of the plumpys place thingy

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        good points.

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      i am pretty sure the Fluorescent flip flops are a part of it.

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        Hi Kitty3119! the Fluorescent flip flops arent in it because they were realeased after the Neon Tutu came out. Hope this helps guys!

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