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    Leave your Webkinz suggestions here.

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      The new Webkinz is nice but I cannot buy. Rooms and pets

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      I think Webkinz needs a spider as a pet. Who else thinks that’s a good idea?

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      Hi there! I’d love to see some new Ganzworld Rewards on Webkinz Newz for Webkinz Next. A lot of us longtime players have all of the classic prizes that can be purchased with our moneyz so it would be nice to be able to purchase some new items for our Next accounts!

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      A few suggestions: 1. Move Rooms Without Them Sliding Over! When we are in the “moving room mode”, the rooms should stay where ever we place them UNTIL we are ready to LEAVE the “moving room mode”. 2. Let Us Sell Unwanted Rooms! If we can’t move and arrange our rooms then let us sell them, and repurchase rooms as needed. This would be so helpful when designing rooms. 3. Tabs For Various Foods! ALL the food is just clumped together in one place! It’s a real pain having to scroll through all those food items just to find what you need! At least we need a tab, or a separate tab for all the Cookbook foods. 4. Rename Room Items to Match The Theme! Okay, I know this probably “can’t” be done, but it is SO annoying when you are looking in your dock for the items needed for a certain themed room, and you have to scroll and scroll and scroll! The rooms have a name, for example like the Superfan Theme: some items say “Superfan Flooring” and then “Crazy for Webkinz Carpet”. Those will not be “together” in the dock! These should be easy fixes!

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      Hello! I was wondering if we could be able to invite our buddies over to our rooms again? I remember it being extremely fun and it would be really cool to have back. Alongside this, I was thinking about how diverse the Webkinz Next free chat is compared to classic kinzchat plus; if players were able to have an easier time talking rather than the intense restrictions of classic Webkinz, it would encourage more talking I believe. I really like how Next handles the filters, where it is still a safe space but easier to communicate. Chatting is one of the biggest parts of Webkinz; players show off their new pets or outfits, and I see many friend groups talk for hours in the kinzchat plus trading room throughout the years, and expanding where we can talk and how we can talk may overall benefit the players and game.

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