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    Leave your Webkinz suggestions here.

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      Regarding room sizes and selling them. I’ve read some of the archived notes and I wondered if in the future we could renovate them to make them smaller or bigger or outdoor rooms like you could do to a house. It should cost to renovate even if you do it yourself. Just an idea!

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        I like that idea Bubblilious1!! I also think that we should be able to move rooms around and remodel our houses!!!

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      Here’s more of my ideas for Pets.
      Cheer Pup and Harmony Kitten
      Affenpinscher and Barracuda
      Share Schnoodle
      Baby Hugs Tiger
      Friend Pup and Grumpy Rhino
      Forest Friend Fox
      Support Secret Mouse and Wish Wolf
      Green Moray Eel
      Good Luck Pony
      Birthday Pup and Champ Cheetah
      Mirror-Mirror Mouse
      Blue Belle Pup
      Baby Tugs Wolf
      Posey Pup
      Funshine Lion
      Bow Tie Kitty
      Mountain Bluebird
      African Wildcat
      Flutterbye Fox
      Skydancer Swan
      Skippity Doo Springbok
      Moondancer Wolf
      Sunlight Sparrow
      Sparkler Snake
      Moonstone Wolf
      Bright Eyes Rooster
      Whizzer Wasp
      Medley Songbird
      Blossom Bunny
      Trickles Terrier (Spring Theme with Watering Cans)
      Pink Power Pup (Breast Cancer)
      Baby Mallard Duckling
      Quackers Duckling
      Applejack Alpaca
      Dainty Daisy Duck
      Pinwheel Piglet
      Hippity Hop Hare
      Cotton Candy Cat
      Smart Owl
      Cherries Jubilee Cat
      Parasol Duck
      Messy Pup
      Magic Hat Bunny
      Starflower Bat
      Butterscotch Bear
      Sunbeam Snail
      Bedtime Sloth
      Curly Locks Lion Cub
      Soda Float Fox
      Wind Whistler Wolverine
      Rose Petal Pup
      Sea Friend Dolphin (For Earth Day by saving our oceans from oil spills)
      Love-a-Lot Kitty (For valentine’s day)
      Tenderheart Pup (For valentine’s day)
      Daydream Puppy
      Grams Turtle
      I Love You Pup
      Perfect Pup
      Polite Pup
      Surprise Jackal
      Take Care Kangaroo
      True Dog
      America Care Pup
      Bashful Lamb
      Best Friend Kitty
      Do Your Best Oriole
      Laugh-a-Lot Hyena
      Thanks-a-Lot Turkey (For thanksgiving)
      Hopeful Bunny
      All My Heart Kitty (For valentine’s day)
      Amigo Chihuahua
      Heartsong Canary
      Play-a-lot Pup
      Shine Bright Firefly
      Superstar Dog
      Work of Heart Kitten
      Sweet Dreams Owl
      Always There Pup (For valentine’s day)
      Secret Mouse
      Wish Wolf
      Snuzzle Bunny
      Minty Bear
      Blossom Bear
      Seashell Otter
      Bubbles Bear
      Lickety-Split Cow
      Tootsie Tiger
      Glory Gorilla
      Firefly Firebird
      Twilight Terrier
      Powder Polar Bear
      Skyflier Songbird
      Heart Throb Hyena (Valentines)
      Surprise Kitty
      Gusty Goose
      Windy Wolf
      Starshine Owl
      Tickle Monkey
      Confetti Kitty
      Peachy Pup
      Sprinkles Duck
      Lemon Drop Dog
      Majesty Lioness
      Sundance Squirrel
      Best Wishes Wolf
      Party Time Puma
      Scoops Puppy
      Cupcake Cat
      North Star Nightingale
      Ribbon Rabbit
      Lofty Lion
      Magic Star Mouse
      Truly Dove
      Shady Sun Bear
      Paradise Panther
      Bouncy Bear
      Fifi French Poodle
      Twist Tiger
      Scrumptious Snake
      Taffy Tiger
      Bangles Beaver
      Crumpet Camel
      Angel Affenpinscher
      Sweet Tooth Crocodile
      Love Melody Maltese
      Dancing Butterflies Dog
      Sugarberry Bear
      Up, Up, And Away Airedale
      Bonnie Bonnets Bear
      Merriweather Mouse
      Night Glider Bat
      Munchy Chipmunk
      Yum-Yum Yorkie
      Milky Way Wolf
      Salty Stingray
      Slugger Shih-Tzu
      4-Speed Ferret
      Steamer Sand Lizard
      Quarterback Quokka
      Tex Coyote
      Chief Dalmatian
      Barnacle Whale
      Wigwam Wolf
      Peppermint Crunch Collie
      Crunch Berry Cow
      Coco Berry Crocodile
      Banana Surprise Monkey
      Sherbet Snake
      Swirly Whirly Snail
      Tossles Bear
      Tall Tales Giraffe
      Woosie Mouse
      Tabby Kitten
      Squeezer Pup
      Romper Rabbit
      Braided Beauty Bear
      Twisty Tail Tiger
      Bouquet Bombay
      Pretty Vision Poodle
      Ringlets Rabbit

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      I thought of some good ideas for Thanksgiving Pets. From these, I want a virtual Pumpkin Buttercream Bunny. Gennelle, will you send these to Ganz?

      Apple Cider Cat
      Apple Pumpkin Pig
      Autumn Leaves Lion
      Autumn Wreath Wolf
      Caramel Pecan Pie Poodle
      Pomegranate Cider Cheetah
      Pumpkin Buttercream Bunny
      Pumpkin Pie Pug
      Pumpkin Wreath Wolverine
      Spiced Pumpkin Snake

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      i try to keep my pets on a healthy diet and i like to cook on webkinz but almost every thing in the cookbooks are unhealthy. i think it would be grate to have a healthy cookbook

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      Today’s activities has 2 Balloon Darts at 10pm Webkinzs time. I played the regular game and then it tells me I can not play the other one. All 4 of my accounts and all 4 of my husband’s accounts. this is very disappointing.

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