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    Leave your Webkinz suggestions here.

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      In next I would love the ability to isolate a room before taking a photo. As it is, I have stuff for other rooms in the way unless I zoom in so far you can’t see the entire room I’m trying to take a photo of. The camera mode is excellent already, but I think adding this feature would make it easier to show off a specific area. I really don’t like having to take everything out of my other rooms to take a photo since it takes me so long to put everything back in. Unless I’m missing something and there’s an easier way to do this? Thanks!

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        Key Master

        If you click on the Options button at the top right you can turn your room view down to 1 room — all of other other rooms then disappear!

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      How about making a PS4 or PS5 version of Webkinz? I would definitely buy this for myself and my teenagers!! It’s so much more colorful and beautiful than Minecraft, and building a house, camp, farm, zoo, whatever you can imagine up, would be so much more fun in Webkinz World!

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      My suggestion was moderated out while replying to one by someone else. We were wondering if it could be possible to use e store points to purchase pets and points for Webkinz Next. I find it more diffficult to purchase diamonds thru Next. Thank you for your consideration.

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      Here’s a “suggestion” that I don’t think I’ve ever seen here in any of the Forum pages. “Could we get ANSWERS to our questions and comments here?” When people ask a question or make a comment that needs to be addressed (especially when the same question has been asked over and over by different people) wanting an answer/comment, we seldom get any sort of answer or reply. Other than someone reading our post for monitoring purposes, does anyone really READ our posts in order to ANSWER our posts? Does anyone at Ganz/Webkinz even think that some of our suggestions are good? How about actually addressing all the questions in a section on the Webkinz Newz main page where Webkinz players can read them. There are so many many questions that have been asked and repeated over and over, with little to no replies. And, yes…I think we all know and understand that without Adobe Flash, things that once “worked” no longer do. It’s amazing that “updating” a computer program often times ruins the game, and doesn’t necessarily make the game “better”. That is just my opinion, as I am just a stupid old lady who doesn’t understand the inner workings of a computer game system. Thus, the reason I ASK questions.

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      Make you able to choose a new username, and nickname! For usernames it would be amazing to change them because my current username is quite old and I dislike it intensely. Nickname wise, I feel like it would be beneficial for trans folks so that their pets aren’t constantly deadnaming them.

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