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    Hay y’all!! This is Stealthstorm, and my best friend Flicka! If you need any horse advice, just click here! We will get to you as soon as possible! Or, you can just chat about horses! Have fun, horse lovers! ~Flicka and Stealthy~

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      Hey Stealthy! Hope you did well on the quiz! Its really cold where I’m at but no snow:( just a light sleet but we’ll probably get snow soon. I’m almost on my break I just need to do some more school. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be riding anymore :( . Hope you’re doing well!

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      Hey Angel!! I am great. :D I LOVE Thanksgiving!! This week I just have school Monday and Tuesday and then it’s a break!! :D But I have a hard quiz tomorrow…Monday. :( I am sick too!!!! I have been coughing for over 2 weeks, and it’s not going away! It’s so sad. We got snow here!!! It’s awesome, all the mountains are snowy! I am going to ride Nashville whenever I have time this week…we found a bit that makes him slow down a LOT! Yay!!! I cannot wait to hear from y’all!! ~Animal Fanatic

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      Hey Stealthstorm do you mind if I help out here I might be able to help does a book with alot (and i mean ALOT) of facts about horse’s caulify me bleh can’t spell and question are we webkinznews friends just curious

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      hey Stealty! how are you? i am doing good. Thanksgiving is coming up and i can’t wait. me and my mom have been sick and hope to be well enough to go to my cousin’s house. ~ Narnia Lover

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      HEY CHILLY!!!! I have tried to post so many comments and none of them have gone through!! Also I have been incredibly busy with presentations, speeches, and school drama. Bluck! :D Oh wow, so much has happened! Well, today I just got back from the zoo. It was really fun!! I loved the little baby monkeys, so cute!!! I am dying to be a member of GreenPeace and P.E.T.A. Watch the movie Blackfish…I am never going to SeaWorld again! School’s ok….tons of homework!! My band is getting ready for a concert, in math we have a test on Monday, English I just finished a huge project and speech, science a huge presentation, and in Bible we are starting a project! It’s CRAZY!!!!!! Nashville is pretty good!!! My mom did a horse show with him and got 1st and 3rd on Intro test C and Training Level 1. Yay Nashville! He looked SO pretty!!! Haha, and on Thursday I went to the doctor and got a physical. I got a shot! :( Not as bad as I remember them being though!!!! LOL!!!! I really hope to hear from y’all! I miss my horse friends!!! Talk to me! :D ~SS

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