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    Hello everyone! Pet Talk is a forum I created to ( that’s right! ) talk about pets! I will post a new pet topic every week. This week’s topic is: Which regular webkinz pet or pets do you think is the best one ganz ever made, and why? My personal favorite right now is the musical dalmatian because I play and love music. Next week’s topic is about the signatures. :)

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      i have a collie and her name is Mandy!~Go Texas Longhorns!

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      This week’s topic is: should ganz make more lil kinz? Maybe they could make more little birds and fish. They’re so cute. :)

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        I agree! They are so cute! They should definitely make more. I’d LOVE to see a lil zebra. (I’m obsessed with zebras)

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          Oh that would be so cute! :D I have a signature endangered cape mountain zebra!

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        They should make a lil kinz parrot

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      i want the collie and american albino( a Horse) to come out of retirement! ~Go Texas Longhorns!!!

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        Hi angelgirldog7! I have a collie! :) Her name is Mollie. By the way, I left my user name in the tag line for you. ;) Also, I heard that the Texas Longhorns won! Woo hoo!!! In my opinion, they’re doing WAY better than my state’s college football team( the UH Warriors) . I really hope the Texas Longhorns win again :D, even though I really want to go to TCU in the future to study piano because they have an excellent music program. Go Texas Longhorns!!! :D :D :D Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess

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      First, the best regular pet I think Ganz ever made…that’s a hard one…I guess the Ginger Cat because it’s so cute. The best signature I think is the signature Snow Leopard. The one pet I would take out of retirement is the Love Puppy!

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        I agree on the love puppy. When it first came out, my parents bought me one, and I adopted it. Her name is SWEETIE. I totally regret adopting her because I think a love puppy with an unused code is worth more than an adopted one. Oh well. I enjoy playing with her though. :)

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        I sent you the love puppy’s sweet heart tart since I have one! :)

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          I also noticed on your my page that you’ve been a member since June 05 2012. I’ve been a member since June 05 2006! So we created our accounts EXACTLY 6 years apart! :)

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            whoa! That’s awesome! I’ve been on since April 2 (I think) 2007

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            LOL :D! What I thought was funny, was that this year on June 5, exactly one year since I made my account, was also the last day of school for me!

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      IT IS! and it’s so soft and cuddly! I just got one and i named it Coco!

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