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    Hello fellow players!!! I am cehgirl, but better known on the internet as Yatastar. I am here to help Webkinz players get to know each other better and fid your opinions on certain topics. I will send out one question a week that I would like your opinion on, and some that I find interesting will be shared on my websites and Facebook page. Thank you for participating, and may StarClan light your path. ~Yatastar~ (cehgirl)

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      My birthday is 3 weeks and I hope I get more webkinz. I think webkinz should make a movie with all the cool animals.

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      Hi, I’m TennesseeFrogs2, but you might know me as Fanofthefrog7 or TennesseeFrogs, my original accounts. My favorite pet is the Bullfrog because it was first webkinz. I used to be on a forum called **TRADERS** but i do not know if it still exists or if my friends still use it.

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      I got another webkinz it a elephant

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      I got a new webkinz it a Pelican named Niall

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      Sorry I’ve been on vacation the last five days! To everyone whose been asking, I finished Tallstar’s Revenge and it was really good! I love how Bluestar’s, Crookedstar’s, Yellowfang’s, and Tallstar’s super editions all correspond with each other. To answer my own question, I have four full accounts, one that just turned free, and then four free accounts. I’m off to go buy some of the new GanzWorld prizes. Δ bob Δ

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