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    Hello fellow players!!! I am cehgirl, but better known on the internet as Yatastar. I am here to help Webkinz players get to know each other better and fid your opinions on certain topics. I will send out one question a week that I would like your opinion on, and some that I find interesting will be shared on my websites and Facebook page. Thank you for participating, and may StarClan light your path. ~Yatastar~ (cehgirl)

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      Hi I love cats, I love turquoise, green, blue, and yellow, I love my webkinz and I love playing on webkinz and petting my cat :). I also love soccer, climbing trees, and going swimming. I also love tacos,muffins,and loganberry juice. Also I am not shy I am very happy. :) I am GoodLuckCharlie90 on webkinz also I love good luck Charlie the tv showmandmi love my plumpy glasses on webkinz :)

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      this is sorta weird. @cehgirl, tell me more about the intro to your forum. and what is ‘starclan’?

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      Hey peoplesssss!!! I haven’t been on in a while, and I would like to bring things back with a question to comment on. So here it goes: If you’re still going to school, tell us what grade you’re in and when you’ll start. May StarClan light your path! ~Yatastar~ (cehgirl)

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      kc can you check out my forums

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      Hallo! I’m helloprettypanda, but you can call me Mel, short for Melanie. Anyways, I’m tall and kinda shy at first, but once you get to know me, I’m downright crazy! Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but I guess you could just say I’m energetic (^.^). I’m going to be a freshman, so I’m really worried and nervous about that, but being with friends/family, being outside, or just having fun makes me forget about that. As for my favourite books, I like TMI, as well as the Percy Jackson series, and Hunger Games. On Webkinz, I’m always looking to find new friends and you will often find me in the trading room (Feel free to send an FR to the same user as above). I only have one full account, which I share with my amazing little sister. I actually have 12 pets now (YAY!). My favourite is my Pretty Panda, named Nya. I’m a huge fan of horses/ponies/equestrians/pegasi. I’m also a MLP fan and a Pegasister. Oh well, this is getting long, but, I hope to get to know y’all, and have a fantastic day! ~Mel~ :D

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        im alot like you and i am hoping to be a freshman but lets not sasy anything agout grades

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