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    Hi! In honor of the very spectacular signature pets, I decided to create this forum. :D Just list your personality, favorite color/s, favorite foods, hobbies, and your favorite animal/s, and I will tell you which signature series pet I think you resemble the most as soon as possible. Your result may be a regular signature, small signature, or endangered species pet. In case you’re wondering, mine is the signature bernese mountain dog, because it’s personality is similar to mine. ;) Have fun!

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      that is cool! well, i would post my movie list, but i don’t have much time so that will have to wait. BUT i do LOVE LOVE LOVE Facing The Giants!!!!!!!!!! ~Homeschooled Kid

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      rabbits fruit family

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        Hi nagrom7450! You’re the signature Dutch bunny because you love rabbits, and of all the webkinz bunnies, I think this one probably matches you the most. Have a sweet day!~Adorabeezle Winterpop

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      oh yes! the original Karate Kid movies are AWESOME! they made 4 i think, but i have only seen the first two. if you like i will tell u a few of my top movies i love!

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        Of course! I would post my complete list of favorite movies, but it’s WAY too long…LOL! My favorite types of movies, however, are animated,(I will probably never outgrow cartoons! LOL),silent movies,adventure,Christian, and mostly anything exciting or interesting as long as it’s absolutely NOT extremely violent,scary( I absolutely don’t like horror movies at all), etc. Also, I think I’m the only teen I know that still likes animated movies. :P Apart from CGI films, I also enjoy 1930s thru 1950s cartoons. ;) Also, my parents and I always read christian movie reviews ( like plugged in) before watching any movie. :) Have a sweet day!~Adorabeezle Winterpop

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        By the way, I posted somewhere( but I don’t know where) on the username history forum and found out you’re homeschooled. Guess what? I’m homeschooled too!!! :D How cool is that?

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          Oh, my gosh! I am homeschooled, too! I had no idea that so many people on Ganzworld are like me! :)

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      Silent Movies? and no, but i do watch old war, western and comedy movies! ~Go Texas Longhorns and Navy Goats!!! P.S. anybody ever seen the ORIGINAL Karate Kid movies?????

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        Yeah,silent movies! :) My dad and I also like watching the 3 Stooges( mostly the original shows) :D My mom probably saw the original Karate Kid movie before on TV, but I never did. The old movies you like sound very interesting! :) Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess

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      Personality: Kind,funny,shy Color: Light blue,Purple,hot pink,lime green,neon orange Food: Cheeseburgers,macaroni,beef jerky,chocolate Hobbies: Drawing,Reading,Sleeping LOL Animals: Wolves,Cats,dogs

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        Hi SwiftTheWingedCat! You’re the signature endangered bengal tiger! It’s shy, it likes steak, and think it would probably like beef jerky too! Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess

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