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    Hi! In honor of the very spectacular signature pets, I decided to create this forum. :D Just list your personality, favorite color/s, favorite foods, hobbies, and your favorite animal/s, and I will tell you which signature series pet I think you resemble the most as soon as possible. Your result may be a regular signature, small signature, or endangered species pet. In case you’re wondering, mine is the signature bernese mountain dog, because it’s personality is similar to mine. ;) Have fun!

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        See you after Autumn Break XD my weekend gaming gaming video taking

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      This is my complete and complex personality if I wanted to find out my pet. This is just for fun. ;) I’m in-between being a girly-girl and a tomboy. I’m lean and tall. I’m also kind,adventurous,excitable( when I get excited about something, I get EXTREMELY excited ( ROFL). :D :D :D LOL!!! ), very shy, quiet, brave, intelligent, clever, polite, like helping people, and I’m very good at keeping secrets. I love to assemble lego sets, nano block sets, and model car sets. I also play classical piano, I want to study music in college, and someday play at Carnegie Hall. :D My main favorite colors are red,pink, blue and purple. My favorite foods are falafel, nut clusters, cookies and cream ice-cream, almond cookies, fruit, bread, and my most favorite of all is Italian food. :) I also don’t mind trying new food as long as it’s not something weird and/or disgusting. :P Sadly, I also have a fish allergy. :( My favorite animals are dogs. I like corgis, labs, bichon frises, and wire coat fox terriers. I’m either the signature bernese mountain dog, or the signature endangered bengal tiger.

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        hmm whether a marble cat or white bengal tiger and for the tag sorry i have to i can be imature at times YOLO

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          Yes I’m a marble cat, west highland terrier, English spot bunny, and bernese mountain dog. XD

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          YOLO=Why did i say that well type it

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        When I get exited I can’t sleep like this past week I am exited for thanksgiving (this will be in moderation past tommorow Hi futernauts) then Christmas (O{}O)

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          No Christmas is among us *Screams super loud for an hour* JK think i’m coming down sick with a sore throat. Would screaming be healthy for it. (*whispers* “The answer is no”)

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            Hi Snow! You’re right: the answer IS no( typing is ok though, of course! ;) ). I just had a sore throat last week. I’m well now. Right now, I’m super excited about Christmas: I just decorated my real house last weekend :D By the way, some of the best things to do for a sore throat are: 1. Put some salt in a glass, fill it with warm water, and gargle. 2. drink some honey. Whenever I get a sore throat, I do one of those two things, or even better, both, and finally even though everyone is most likely telling you this a lot, 3. try not to talk ( especially loudly) too much, because your throat will get even more scratchy. This happened to me last week just when my throat was getting better. :( I was in the car with my mom, after going to a very spectacular piano concerto concert with the symphony, and I was so excited about the performance, I couldn’t stop talking. When I got home, my throat was in horrific pain. Please learn from my terrible mistake. Have a sweet day!~SC

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              XD well I don’t do those things just because to me eww I just google online how to get rid of a soar throat and stuff. Also why decorate early like I only do early on webkinz but in real life we decorate like ten days before then we take it down after new years also you said when I have a sore throat to scream as loud as I can for hours and to talk for as long as I can. Just kidding trying to save my voice for Christmas. Why well LMK if ya want to here that story

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              If I couldn’t type then how would that help my throat as well. You made a point

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            That was Sunday But me nose is block now saving my voice for Christmas. Story: Last Christmas I got a webkinz gecko and screamed so loud. (Neibors possibal reaction *Covers ear* “Stop that noise”

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        oh my gosh!!!! you are practically twin!! (except for the piano and block thing. ) I have never had a falafel, though. Sounds good! I do get VERY excited , too! I am also personal very sensitive about things. I d not have a fish allergy, but it’s fine because we have a dog, Winnie. She is a whippet, which is a mix of a greyhound and a fox terrier. unfortunately, she tend to chew plastic noses off of stuffed animals. She “denosed” my sister’s webkinz Chihuahua. quesadilla, a kinz clip bulldog, brownie, my kinz clip seal, snowball, (his nose has glued back on, so yay!) and a kinz clip pug, Isabelle. luckily, the webkinz Chihuahua’s nose got glued back on, too, but it’s a bit wobbly. By the way, we got like 7″ of sow today, and Winnie can barely walk in it without sinking. It’s bitter cold, so we can’t build a snowman. (r in Winnie’s case, eat I, lol.) See u soon!~isy900

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      Hey just a question whats your favorite movie mine is kung fu panda *pauses* 2

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        Here’s my list of favourite movies. :) Most of them are animated because I like animated movies the most(LOL). They are not sorted in the order that I like them the most. 1. Ice Age, 2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua, 3. Bolt, 4. Up( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Up. It’s my MOST FAVOURITE pixar movie. :) ), 5. Wreck It Ralph, 6. Turbo, 7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory( the ORIGINAL one ), 8. Horton Hears a Who( I love Horton. ), 9. Note By Note( it’s a really good documentary. I’ll explain what it is later ), 10. Planes, 11. Ratatouille, 12. The Adventures of Tintin( it’s one of my most favorite movies. I also like the books a lot. ), 13. Kung Fu Panda( I didn’t watch the 2nd one yet), 14. Wall-E, 15. The Christmas Candle, 16. The Lego Movie( even though it didn’t come out yet, I know I’m going to like it a lot because I LOVE Lego). 17. Finding Nemo( it was my favorite movie when I was about 6 or 8 years old :) I still like it), 18. Cars( By coincidence, I’m just like( personality wise) Red, Luigi, Sally, and Finn McMissile. They’re my favourite characters plus Mater and Doc Hudson ) , 19. Cars2, 20. silent movies( even though I really like silent movies, sorry I don’t have any favourite ones. :( )

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          PS: Note by Note is about how steinway pianos are made at the steinway factory in NY. It’s an excellent documentary. :D Also, I love steinway pianos, and they’re the only pianos I like playing. :D

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          I forgot to put two other movies on the list that I really like: Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Miss Potter. Miss Potter is about the author and illustrator of the Peter Rabbit books, and Jiro Dreams of Sushi is about a famous Japanese sushi chef,and his restaurant in Tokyo. They’re both really good movies. :)

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          Have you seen Despicable Me? It came out nearly four years ago. We got Despicable Me 2 for CHRISTmas, and my younger sisters are watching it over and over and over and over…..

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            Bello! :D Those minions are SO FUNNY! LOL I LOVE THEM!!! :D Me want…BANANA!!! LOL Sorry…I’m feeling crazy right now. hee hee hee Yeah, Despicable Me 1 and 2 is on my favorite movies list but it’s not on here because I have TONS of favorite movies and if I posted all of them, the post would be way too long, plus I can’t think up every single one I like. :) I just typed the ones that came to mind. :P I like some old movies too! Have a sweet day!~Schweetz

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              I forgot to put: I love the YELLOW minions( they’re the funny ones ), NOT the PURPLE ones. Ba ba ba, ba ba banana…ba ba ba, ba ba banana….LOL

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            Waaahhhh. I love the minions. I haven’t seen the second one. I love the one who thought he was the specific favourite. And for your other post it creeps me out a bit. How can so many people be like me. *turns head from side to side*

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          I also have tons of other favorites movies that are not on this list because it would never come out of moderation if I typed all of them. :( The above list is just SOME of my favorites but not ALL of them. *sorry*

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      Shy, Curious, Afraid of getting hurt, Nerd to the extreme.Fave Colours are Pink/Purple.Fave foods are pasta shepards pie pot pie pot roast.Hobbies are gaming, video making/photography, editing, webkinz,reading,MLP, AG, Singing, Gaming, and Even more Gaming. HORSES but i love all animals too .

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        Hi Snow( is it ok if I call you ”Snow” for short?), You’re either( whichever pet you choose) the signature endangered bengal tiger, signature arctic fox, signature siberian husky, signature orange tabby cat, or the signature King Charles cocker spaniel. By the way, we really do have a LOT in common( and I’m serious about this :) I’m NOT kidding. LOL ). Pink and purple are two of my favourite colours, and I absolutely love video making,photography, reading( I like mystery and adventure types of books the most), and editing too! :D Which AG is your favourite? I like all the history dolls. Also, I really love coconut the dog. :) She’s so adorable. What are your favourite games? I love Super Mario ( original and wii ) and Mario Kart wii( I love driving games. I’m really good at them too. ;) ). Even though I like playing driving games a lot, I want to be a very safe( NOT reckless) driver when I drive someday. ;) Have a sweet day!~SC

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          XD well probally bengal tiger. Now i have really just started editing and stuff but what editor do you use i use a free one(windows live movie maker) since i found it on the computer. AG hmm lets see well historical dolls rock but can’t pick a favorite. Mario is awesome and driving games are awesome (finally can finish rainbow road without shame) XD when i grow up i am (hopefully) not going to be a reckless driver. AG rocks Fave MLP mine is twilight dream job? mine is lawyer and kung fu panda 2 i sorta cry watching it I love it but i feel so sad check it out though

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            Hi Snow! I like iMovie a lot, and my favourite AG history doll is Samantha. By the way, it took me FOREVER to pass rainbow road too because it’s hard. :( I like the part where you’re flying through the rainbow and the character you’re racing is saying WOW!!!!!!! :D My favourite Mario Kart race tracks are coconut mall, city( can’t remember what it’s called. ), and the mario and luigi race tracks( can’t really remember the names of those either. ) I haven’t played Mario Kart in a while that’s why. Too busy. On wii, I also play Indy 500. It’s supposed to be like the real Indy 500 race, and it’s kind of hard in the beginning, but it’s fun even though I think that Mario Kart is more fun. ;) I like pole position as well. Not sure if there’s a wii version of it though. Maybe. Besides wii, I like to play a lot of 1980s games online too like the original Mario Bros game, original Donkey Kong, Mappy, Pacman, etc. Have a sweet day!~SC

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              iMovie I should probably look into I feel I need a new editor mine is a free one which isn’t really a good one for videos but for stop motions it’s great

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              wait: is it called the Mario circuit and Luigi circuit? I think that’s the names of those two tracks…

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              I have come to love the challenge like I probaly die of laughture when I go through it can’t spell but Christmas spirt

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        I hope it’s ok for me to say this, but is MLP ”My Little Pony”, and AG ”American girl?”

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      Personality: Sweet, little shy, warm, outgoing, bubbly, humorous, and unique Color: Turquoise , and purple Hobbies: Swimming, reading, writing, playing in the snow, telling jokes, and being myself Food: watermelon, hot cocoa, sugary food, and cheese less pizza Favorite animals: Cats, dogs, bunnies, moose, snow leopards, fishies :3

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        Hi zebb5! I read both of your posts and you’re either the small signature pug( it loves to read, and likes to make art.) or you could be the signature endangered bengal tiger( it’s shy, but warms up to you). Have a sweet day!~SC

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          Yay! Thanks for reading both! Those are both pets are really like. Have A Warm Day! ~ Z5

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