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    Hey moonie! I’m late in replying, sorry about that! I have been reading stuff on the Titanic, and some of the books from the “Dear America” series. The books are really meant for middle school kids, but I quite enjoy them as an adult. They are a good series and I have been buying a few of my favorites on Amazon. Some are a bit pricey, but since it hard to find most of them, I don’t mind paying a little extra. Fan fiction is fun to write, and I may do some for typing practice and learning what gives me ideas for things. Stay safe!!! ~angel

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    Hello Taffy! It seems T too am replying a bit late lol. I am thinking of maybe doing short Webkinz stories for typing and creative ideas exercise :) Thanks to emi for sparking the idea! I hope you had a good vacation! What did ya’ll do while there? Was it much different with all the virus precautions right now? I am quite happy at home with family, especially since I’m an introvert lol. I have been reading some books from the “Dear America” series. They are meant more for middle school kids and not adults, but I don’t care lol. They are good. Some I prefer more than others. Well, I pray you and your family continue to stay safe!! ~angel

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    Hi emi! Sorry for the late reply! hmmm… Maybe I ought to try short Webkinz stories for typing/creative exercises..? You have given me an idea now!!!! :) Fanfiction is good because settings and characters are already there, so they too make good things to write for practicing typing/writing skills and finding the best ways to come up with ideas. I try to journal everyday. Mostly I just journal about what I’ve done during the day, and what movie or tv show I’m into at the moment. I also write about any actors I like too. :) I occasionally include local/world news stuff, but only if it’s something really major. Oh, and I’m one of those here that’s graduated and decided to come back to Webkinz lol. :) Have a safe weekend! ~angel

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    HEY EVERYONE!!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here!! How is everyone doing? Are ya’ll staying safe and healthy and are your families ok? As for me, I am doing pretty good! I’ve been reading, and also writing in my journal more and trying to come up with story ideas :) I love to write, I just never know what to write about. I like the idea of fanfiction, such as fanfiction for Star Trek, Avengers, and such, but I prefer to write my own completely original ideas, which is hard sometimes. No matter though! I will write the perfect story when it presents itself. Until then, I just wanted to check up on ya’ll. Do ya’ll need anything on WW that I can send? Let me know if you do! Stay safe and healthy! ~angel

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    Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I have been on any forums! I hope that everyone is doing ok and staying safe! I was wondering if anyone gets grey car and the green dress on Wheel of Wow Mobile, the Red car on Deluxe Wheel, and the porthole window on Vacation Island wheel and you don’t want them, I will be happy to trade!! I have coupons and other things I can trade :) Have an awesome day everyone!!!! ~ angelgirldog7

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    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask that if anyone gets the Football Cottage in the Mystery Bags, I’ll be willing to trade for it! Thanks in advance. My username is angelgirldog7 (p.S. I’ll trade for any of the other sports cottages that anyone doesn’t want as well :) )

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    Hello Taffy! So far Animal Crossing is fun! I like it. The Marvel movies I’ve seen are “Thor The Dark World” on ABC a couple of weeks ago and “Captain America Winter Soldier” on a Spanish channel hehe. I don’t know hardly any Spanish, but a cousin of mine knows a lot about the movies, so we texted back and forth and I would tell him what was happening and he’d explain it :) my favorite characters are Cap, Bucky and Loki! ~angel~

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    HI emi! I thought of getting a Switch Lite, but didn’t want to pay money for something I may not like. Besides I still enjoy my 3ds alot! I love Nintendogs! I have one for both ds and 3ds. It’s fun to play! There are indeed many Marvel movies, but thankfully I have a cousin who can fill me in on them if I choose to skip a movie :) my favorite characters are Captain America, Bucky, and Loki! ~angel~

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    Yall can disregard the trading question. I went ahead and asked it in the trading forum :)

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    Hey everyone. I was wondering that if anyone gets the Football Cottage in the Summer Super Mystery Bag and doesn’t want it , can I trade for it? I love football and would like to have it for a football room I’m doing :) I’ve got lots of items that I’m sure I can send in return! angelgirldog7

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    Hi everyone! Sorry for posting above you, Taffy! I just wanted to ask ya’ll something! If anyone here gets the Football Cottage in the Summer Super Mystery bags and dosn’t want it, can I trade for it? I know this question is really for the trading forums, but I wanted to ask here first if that’s ok :) if not, i can go the trading forum :) I hope everyone here is doing ok! I ordered “Animal Crossing New Leaf” ( I don’t have a Switch but do have a 3ds) and it should arrive this afternoon!) I’m also gonna watch “Avengers: Age of Ultron” this week, for anyone who’s ever watched it lol. I’m quite enjoying becoming an Avengers fan haha. on that note, hope everyone stays safe! Love ya’ll 3000 :) ~angel~

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    hi blurayne! I would love to have a Safari Vintage goggles and Whimsy Dragon poster if they are still available! :) angelgirldog7

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    Hiya Taffy! Nascar is set to come back a little in a couple of weeks, and Baseball is trying to find a way to play games safely too. When Tom Brady was released from Patriots, it was a day or two before he signed with Buccaneers. Every football fan, and I mean EVERY, were waiting in anticipation to see who he’d sign with lol. “Fly Me To The Moon” is one of my fave Sinatra songs too! I like a few of his movies also, like “Anchors Away”, and “Ocean’s 11″ with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, and others. I love classics, what can I say? :) stay safe! ~angel~

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    Hey Emi! Haha yes Tom Brady is very popular though not my favorite quarterback. He is good though! I’m excited about the season! I also hope that baseball will find a way to come back a little. Have a great and safe weekend! ~angel~

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    Hey all!! Sorry for disappearing again :) Just wanted to come on real quick to check on everyone! The NFL released their schedule and I’m excited! If all goes as planned, I believe it’s on September 10 that the first official games are played. My favorite player, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, must face Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first game! Exciting! @Lollipup I saw your Monkees room and…… I LOVE IT!!!!!! GREAT JOB! Oh and @TaffyKitty12… I love Frank Sinatra too! ~angel~