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    I’m getting really close to enough medallions to trade in for a pig, but I have no idea what to name it or even if it should be a boy or a girl! Any suggestions? Please, no food (Hamilton, Bacon, Pork Chop). Thanks!

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    Hi Morningdew12! If I’m not too late, I think Doodle-doo is a really cute name for a rooster. I also thought of Rusty and Nugget (if you are fine with a food related name). Enjoy your new pet!

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    … I have gotten a broken game. This is when there are only two flower bunches that appear in the exact same places over and over and two hives on top of each other. This does not fix itself and lasts forever and gets really boring. I have only gotten it later in the game (13000 to 26000 ish). Has anybody else encountered these problems?
    Thanks, seafoampeanut

    Also, there should be a notice about the word limit in the forum. Sorry if my first ending decides to show up and my post has two endings :)

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    Webkinz team: if you read this, please pass it on to the game coders. Flutterbugged is my favorite game, and I would be really happy if it was fixed. Please don’t give it new graphics or anything, just a bug fix. (No pun intended.)

    I play Flutterbugged multiple times each day, and I have noticed two glitches.
    1. Anytime during the game, a flower bunch can turn into a moving flower bunch. You can identify it by noticing that it has appeared with the growing sound, but not the animation. It will usually be where another flower bunch just was. Without warning, it will be on the other side of the screen. This is really annoying when a big group of Flutterbugs is about to reach you and you suddenly have no defense and lose the game. Once you have one moving flower bunch, you will have them for the rest of the game. It would be great if this was either removed or improved. Moving flowers could only appear after a certain point (like 6000 points) and be a different color (lavender like the Flutterbugs or dark pink, to match Fiona).
    2. I think three times or maybe four