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Berry Fest Is Back June 19!

Berry Fest FEATURE

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can win during Berry Fest! Read more


Webkinz Tips and Tricks: Jumbleberry Fields Strategy Guide!

Jumbleberry Fields Featured Image

Some easy ways to get a better score playing Jumbleberry Fields! Read more


Item Showcase: Berry Festival Berries!

Berries Featured Image

The Berry Festival is returning to Webkinz World from June 6th – June 15 Read more


One Cool Fridge

                                  Have you ever seen the Barrel of Berries Fridge? It’s just one of many awesome prizes that you can win by filling up your jars at Jumbleberry Fields (the Barrel of Berries fridge can be won from filling up your Pickleberry Jar). This fridge is going to come in VERY handy starting on July 18, because that’s when the Berry Festival starts! There are six different types of berries to collect during the festival, and you’ll be able to display them all in this fridge! Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for lots more information about this berry cool festival!

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