Webkinz Classic 101: Welcome to the Webkinz Stadium!

This is Fred Rover calling you over to learn about the Webkinz Stadium!

Need more information? Check out this Special Report on the Webkinz Stadium!
Do you have more questions about the Webkinz Stadium? Ask in the comments below!

6 Responses to Webkinz Classic 101: Welcome to the Webkinz Stadium!

  1. colexi says:

    Same thing happened to me today!

  2. Org says:

    That bug still persists. Sometimes, I can go to the stadium with no issue but it usually forces me to log back in.

  3. mollypig2 says:

    This happens to me too, but if I try a second time after logging back in it works.

  4. KitCat1973 says:

    This happens to me all the time too! When will this be fixed?????????

  5. Ailuropoda says:

    Is the stadium going to be fixed?

  6. bluerose2020 says:

    Good Morning ! My question is about the Webkinz Stadiam ! in the past 2 months when I try to play it says ” we ARE SORRY COULDNT CONNECT TO WEBKINZ AND ‘ILL BE LOGGED OFF.” I am able to play everything else except that page. is it now closed and I missed the memo? please help!

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