A Better Way to Recover Your User Name and Password!

If you already have an account have your parent visit the Parent’s Area from the home page and create a Parent’s Account. The parent’s email they use to create their Parent’s Account can also be used to recover your Webkinz World user name and password. Then, if you ever forget your login information, just click the “Forgot Login?” button on the login screen, choose the Parent’s Email option, and then enter the parent’s email they used to create their Parent’s Account. Your user name and a link to reset your password will then be sent to that address and you’ll be back in Webkinz World taking care of your pets in no time!





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  1. treeesaa says:

    I’m not sure of the parents email associated with my webkinz account because I’ve been actively playing for 10+ years. Is there anyway I can find out, and possibly change it? I’ve entered lots of contests, and I’m not sure if I’ve won any since I can’t access the parent email nor remember what it is.

  2. anamiamorgan says:

    I haven’t used my old account in many years and I’ve forgotten the password, but I want to get it back because I easily had 15+ webkinz on there and I don’t have the codes to get it back nor access to the email used to create it. I do remember my username though. Is it possible to get it back after so long, and is there a way to get it back without the email access?

  3. tigerdava says:

    Hi! So, this is a question for my sister’s Webkinz account. She remembers all her login information, but since she hasn’t been on it in years, she can’t get in. We tried to do the parent part where if you put in the email used years ago to create the account then there is a chance she could get back in. The thing is though that we no longer remember what email was used. Is there a chance that since she still knows her login info that instead of having to try and find that email, that she could possibly send in her username and password, and just prove that the account is hers, and it could become unarchived.

  4. arkinsman says:

    I have an old account that I want to go on but I forgot the username and password so I did what what you said to do but it did not work what’s going on???

  5. Colliekinz says:

    We had an old account but we forgot the username! Is there a way to get it back? Sally I need help!

  6. mittensandthegrinch says:

    Hey webkinz, that email that was used to sign up for the webkinz account is long deactivated and no longer used. Can you make it an option to use the adoption codes to regain your account? Because the email address that was used no longer exists

  7. gxrillaz says:

    I mean like, really? I need to change my user to linkxneal (please say you haven’t heard that username before…)

  8. RhiannonStrong says:

    when i do this it only sends a link for resetting the password it doesnt send the username.

  9. dogable05 says:

    if only the email i used wasn’t deactivated :( i miss my old webkinz account so much

  10. Evilfishguy785 says:

    How do people make parent accounts?

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