A Better Way to Recover Your User Name and Password!

If you already have an account have your parent visit the Parent’s Area from the home page and create a Parent’s Account. The parent’s email they use to create their Parent’s Account can also be used to recover your Webkinz World user name and password. Then, if you ever forget your login information, just click the “Forgot Login?” button on the login screen, choose the Parent’s Email option, and then enter the parent’s email they used to create their Parent’s Account. Your user name and a link to reset your password will then be sent to that address and you’ll be back in Webkinz World taking care of your pets in no time!





81 Responses to A Better Way to Recover Your User Name and Password!

  1. Jennifersunnyray says:

    Please reply: I sent emails to you guys about my account that I forgot my email and password but I know my username every password that I could think of that I use doesn’t work. I’m stump and just frustrated at this point

  2. Ghutch151 says:

    The parent email associated with my account has been inactive for years. I’ve forgotten my password, and I’ve contacted webkinzsupport@ganz.com with “Password Change” as the subject line, but I have not received a response. Do I need to submit another email? And should I be including the pet code or something that confirms that it’s my account?

  3. Hopperdrop22 says:

    The email that my mother used almost ten years ago is not accessible due to the provider being bought out by another company. How do I recover my account information if I can no longer use the email account linked to my Webkinz account?

  4. sissygirl58 says:

    I have tried several times requesting an email to be sent to the parent account with no luck. It is not sending an email to the account and we have checked spam.

  5. Gabbiethepooh17 says:

    QUESTION PLEASE RESPOND: When i go to log in, it says i need to update my password to keep playing, is this for real? I don’t want to get hacked…

  6. icey2958 says:

    I am trying to reset my password but I changed emails. How do I go about resetting it now?

  7. weckleson says:


  8. bearblanket2 says:

    I cant log into my account and it says that my username or password is invalid when i never changed it

  9. CyanSkyBlue says:

    Um. Is using a code to recover a username or password still an option?

  10. Morgie says:

    When I do this it only sends a link for resetting the password it doesn’t send the username and I have been trying for years to get back old Webkinz and so is my sister. Is there anyway else to get back my username?

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