All About Winterfest Cookies!


Want to know all about Winterfest Cookies?


You can buy 3-Packs and 5-Packs of these sweet treats at the eStore to feed to your pet to win awesome Winterfest prizes, PLUS have a chance to win a gorgeous Royal Ice Sleigh!


***Winterfest Cookies available until February 28th





Even though Jan. 19 is the final day of the Snowflake floaty clicky event, if you’re missing some Winterfest prizes, the Winterfest Cookies are a great way to find them!


Plus, did you know that if you want to win a 5-Pack of Winterfest Cookies for FREE, you can do so by playing Webkinz Friends? Click here to learn how!



19 Responses to All About Winterfest Cookies!

  1. slugbug2000 says:

    If you have a facebook account, you can play Webkinz Friends on a regular computer or laptop, just like Webkinz World, so there is no extra cost. You just complete all the different challenges, which are free unless you pay for gems to help you…which I do not. I like Webkinz Friends, so I am really excited for the special gift.

  2. HappyCupcake says:

    rats! last day! po

  3. pollyparrot68 says:

    Has anyone won a sled ???, I have spent over 30 dollars on cookie packs and never got one , What a waste of my e-store money!!!!!

    • slugbug2000 says:

      I was lucky to get one so far…really surprised me! :) Usually I am not able to win a grand prize. lol It came out of the first set of cookies I bought too Hope you will get one soon!

  4. pinktulip02 says:

    I luv winter fest!!! to bad it’s over :(

  5. ushie135 says:

    Wow I did not know today was the last day ooops

  6. pineapplefun says:

    These things are awesome! I bought the 5 pack and it was totally worth it! :D :D :D

  7. snowy527 says:

    OK I have a Webkinz Friends account in my iPad mini so yay! I get a free one!

  8. nikkigirla says:

    I don’t like the deluxe thing anymore

  9. fangirly2g2b4g says:

    I still don’t have one :(

  10. Bows22 says:

    Jeez I have no idea where to get estore point cards in canada

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