An Important Message Regarding Customer Service

Ganz Studios is currently doing its part to help #flattenthecurve during the COVID-19 outbreak by having our Customer Support team working remotely. 
If you require assistance with your Webkinz account, please email them at: .

For help with your Ganz eStore account, Deluxe Membership or eStore Points purchase, please email: .

Emails are reviewed from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm EST. Phone support is not available at this time.
If you sent an email within the past 2 weeks, please be patient as they are currently experiencing an extraordinarily high number of requests. They will respond to every request in order as soon as possible.

133 Responses to An Important Message Regarding Customer Service

  1. earlygirl says:

    Hi! I upgraded my account to the one year deluxe membership back in April, and I have not yet received the free pet that is supposed to come with the deluxe membership.

  2. User48 says:

    I cant get into one of my rooms ever since the last update(Dragons Garden)every time I try it sends me off of my rooms page on to the News Page.Plz Help,one of my best food sourses is that room.Thanks

  3. nikkpatss says:

    Why do I never receive my monthly deluxe membership gift? I have been a deluxe member for many months now and have never received one and just saw through the newspaper that I should have been receiving one. Have not even gotten my gift box for the month of march or any prior months.

  4. hweor says:

    Someone keeps getting into my account and now they’ve changed the email for my parents account, how did they find that out, ive already changed my email like TWICE now

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      In most cases, this is someone you know who has enough information about the account to convince Customer Service that they own the account. I’ve seen people who have been “gifted” an account and then the original owner takes it back.

  5. rala says:

    why do i never win contests

  6. Angelwriter7 says:

    Is anyone else getting kicked off Webkinz Next like every few minutes? This has been a problem since the last app update.

  7. Butterflystarr says:

    Sally, is it normal for customer service to ask for your password? Thanks, Butterflystarr

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Sometimes CS needs to be able to log in from your account to verify things. I would recommend changing your password to something temporary and changing it back after your issue has been resolved.

  8. User48 says:

    I have not been able to get my peek a boo elephant to show up for 3 days now

  9. guineapigluver says:

    They never respond to me. The last time I emailed a request to check into not receiving my deluxe prizes when I became a member. Crickets….

    • Kimmy317 says:

      same!!!!… i cant even find the things to do menu to put a code in. I got a deluxe membership thats going towaste because I didnt know my code was in that email and I deleted it.smh so now i cant transfer code until customer support helps me by giving me it

  10. sydruth says:

    Are the Webkinz Classic plush not available anymore? I can’t find any on the eStore and the ones on Amazon look a lot more expensive than they used to

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