Enabling Flash on Your Browser


Adobe Flash Player is a plug-in that is required to run Webkinz and access the GanzWorld Share Center on a desktop computer or laptop. With recent updates to some browsers, Flash does not automatically load so your browser may give you a prompt to click-to-play when you log in to webkinz.com, or you may get stuck looking at a screen that looks like this:





Here are some steps to help you enable Flash on your browser.


  1. First of all, make sure you have the most recent version of Flash downloaded and installed on your computer.flash
  2. In Google Chrome, type chrome://settings/content in the url window and select ‘Allow sites to run Flash.’ You can also select which sites you would like to allow to run Flash by clicking ‘Manage Exceptions’ and adding https://www.webkinz.com/ and https://share.ganzworld.com/ to the list.flash
  3. In the Firefox menu, go to ‘Addons’ then ‘Plug-ins’ where you will have the options to ‘Always allow’ or ‘Ask to activate’ in the drop down menu.flash
  4. In Internet Explorer, select ‘Settings’ in the top right menu, go to ‘Manage Addons’, then ‘Tools’, then ‘Extensions’. Click to enable Shockwave Flash.

83 Responses to Enabling Flash on Your Browser

  1. larzy says:

    Was using Edge and it looks like example above. Figured out have Internet Explorer 11 and it works great!

  2. bubbashuka says:

    I did the right things on chrome and when I click submit images it shows a white bar instead of what I fill in to submit things.

  3. DworkinBarimen says:

    Hi. Any word on how to fix this issue in either Opera or Maxthon? I use those browsers often because the others sometimes give me connection issues. Thanks!

  4. Helenka says:

    I cannot get anything but a green screen it is Wed the21st, Is anyone else having this issue?

  5. 975683 says:

    Safari is working now! I’m so happy to be able to take my Deluxe bonus classes at the academy again. Thanks, Ganz! I really appreciate it.

  6. Bubblilious1 says:

    Hi Guys. I appreciate all your input about Safari Flash. I was very frustrated too as these things were happening to me too. I have too much invested in Webkinz to quit so I made the decision to give Chrome a try. Someone made a comment that they keep both on their desktop so I still keep Safari as my default (for now) but I use Chrome for Webkinz. I couldn’t believe how fast playing is on Chrome. I occasionally get a little puzzle piece that refers to flash but most times it is great. A tech guy one said Chrome is better for games and I have had numerous problems on another computer with Firefox running scripts or something which was so annoying as it slowed everything down. I’m happy to play Webkinz on Chrome. I still read the News on Safari.

  7. suzanneauntie says:

    I have a new Mac, cause my old one died, and I still get the plug-in failure all the time using Safari. I thought it was my old computers fault. I get it all over Webkinz, but especially in the Curio Shop, so I haven’t been able to go shopping there or find gems in a long time. I’m not happy that its happening to others, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks bobme248 for your advice. I’m going to try to do what you said.

    • ImaPepper says:

      Mac is no longer supporting flash plug-in. If you can set it manually to allow, that will take care of it for you…until you clear your cache or something. Then you’ll need to do it again. Or use a different browser to play Webkinz. It’s not a Webkinz issue, it’s a Mac issue. I’m in the same boat, lol.

  8. Wizardmice says:

    So the free gift we were awarded today for our patience with the log in issues…does anyone know what it is? Mine was invisible on all my accounts, just an empty square on the pop up for it. And it was the only blank pop up of the annoying login popups, the Spree clothing one showed, as did the Spree Announcement.

  9. annm2990 says:

    Thank you SO very much for always helping us troubleshoot problems. I was wondering, since many websites are moving away from Flash, is Webkinz thinking of other non-flash options? Thanks, and have a great day.

  10. kiwikat says:

    Perfect Sally Webkinz I fixed my problem trying to browse for my filled jam jar. Thank you so much! :)

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