Forsty Benumblex: Secret Recipe Revealed!


With winter upon us, sometimes a nice and frosty beverage will inspire your pets to have a playful day out in the snow, or to build a new snow fort in their room! So now, here’s how to create a secret recipe food that makes a sensational snowy snack: Forsty Benumblex!


Just pick up the following three ingredient foods from the WShop and then combine them in any blender to create this awesome icy beverage!



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What are some of YOUR favorite secret recipe foods? Let us know in the comments below!


29 Responses to Forsty Benumblex: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. mooseldaisy says:

    Is anyone else having issues with the Super Chef Stove in Daisy’s Diner? I can get the food on there and the recipe is right, but the moment I hit the cook button the stovetop freezes up and the individual ingredients move back to my dock like they never left :/

  2. FoxesRule612 says:

    My Glacial Fox, Keith, will love this treat! I”ll have to make some for him. =)

    • nanamama12 says:

      I sure that he will! I love the name Keith by the way! I had to laugh at myself, when I noticed that when I wrote the recipe down I had instinctively auto-corrected the word Forsty!

  3. winxclub11 says:

    I know this is off topic but I just have to say that I never got my wish come true at the wish factory. I’ve been playing webkinz for 4 years and I went to the wish factory every day.

  4. motherk says:

    Off topic but really enjoying Sophie’s showroom in the Clubhouse. It’s fun getting a different treat each day. Is this a temporary thing until Dr. Quack’s clinic opens or is it a replacement for the watch and earn/free prizes that are now gone? Either way, love it!

    • motherk says:

      Another thing- we’ve been getting the “Campaign Expired” message DURING the peek a newz activity. First time I assumed a singular glitch but it’s now occurred multiple times. I was just on the third peek, and got the message. Don’t have the time or patience to begin again. Anyone else experiencing this?

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