Meet the Signature Moose!


The Signature Moose would make a terrific addition to the Rescue Team. This majestic pet roams the forest and can spot a stranded hiker miles away from high atop its PSI, the Forest Ranger Tower. And the Signature Moose knows how to make the most of the land, tapping maple trees for its PSF, Maple Syrup Brownies.


The Signature Room theme features a bunch of majestic items, any of which would be perfect for this majestic creature.


And we’re guessing the Signature Moose might save up its Wish Tokens – including the bonus Wish Token that comes with this pet – to get a rustic Campkinz Library Bookshelf!


This big pet has a big heart, which makes it an ideal member of a team dedicated to helping others!


To add them to your team, you can find the Signature Moose and other Signature Pets at Ganz eStore and in the W Shop.


21 Responses to Meet the Signature Moose!

  1. megamom12 says:

    He’s so handsome!

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    He has a very wise expression. And I love his PSI. And I want to try to make his PSF! I’ll have to look for a recipe.

  3. kittymade10 says:

    Meet them as in this wasn’t a Webkinz Signature before?

  4. winterling says:

    Is there any way to buy plush signature pets?

  5. momo4cookie says:

    Please re-release the signature line of pets. Also, the signature arctic fox, cougar, penguin, Iberian lynx, and timber wolf could also be rescue team members.

    • megamom12 says:

      I think that they said that they will not be re-releasing or making new Signature pets. You may however be able to acquire one from Amazon. I’ve gotten a few horses that way as many of the horses are no longer available on the Ganz E-Store site.

  6. tkkac says:

    I love this pet! The plush for it is really beautiful too.

  7. 1Emerald1 says:

    I have loved the Signature line since it was introduced. The pets are so detailed & more realistic than the average Ganz pet. And the PSI’s are usually really cool, like this one. I like both this pet & its PSI very much, which means I’ll be getting one.

  8. cvasko says:

    I’m a first responder have been all my life.. I’m a EMT Instructor a EMT also teach all levels of first aid and CPR. I also am a fire fighter.and a hatz. materials tech. I was a Incident Commanding Officer for my shift 2ND where I worked for 30 years. after that I worked in a hospital in the ICU and MCU. I worked in Nursing homes and got older people to play webkinz to help them with mind and hand cordanation. and to give them something to give themto look forward to each and everyday. So you at your company are all considered responders. you might not be on the front lines but in the far end your very important to hank to each and every one of you..

    • snuggles565 says:

      this was a lovely comment to read! thank you!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Thank you for your years of faithful service!

      • Beckinz8 says:

        And getting the elderly to play Webkinz for health benefits is brilliant! You should do a commercial, and open up WW to a whole new audience. My elderly neighbor is lonely and has dementia. I wish I could get her to play! They say that taking care of pets has lots of health benefits, but in WW, if she forgets for a day, everything will still be okay, and she can still have lots of fun.

    • mycatsnores says:

      cvasko – you are brilliant, and so I have to pipe in, too. When my dad and grandmother AND other grandmother were in nursing homes/assisted living centers I don’t need to tell you how many years I spent being there every day. I used to bring Webkinz with me and give them to those that were still active and had computers, and would teach them how to sign up, play and even wrote a 12-page tutorial (with photos!) on the features, the things to do, how to earn things…you name it. I must have done this 70 times and you are right – not only were they so happy to have something fun to do but it helped incredibly with their interest, coordination, even decorating and looking forward to sharing was magical medicine! And it helped me, too, in fact I bought my first Webkinz (a googles) at the hospital gift shop having no idea what it was, except that it was cute. There are so many avenues to open up to get customers and promote Webkinz in new ways to new players – this being one of them. Big hugs to you!

  9. criss999 says:

    i what him

  10. momno1 says:

    So fabulous!

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