Restoring Archived Accounts Temporarily Unavailable


As many Webkinz players know, if you don’t log into your for a year, your account becomes “archived”. Normally, if a player wants access to an archived account, we’re able to restore it within 24 hours.


Due to Webkinz X, however, we are temporarily unable to restore archived accounts. We currently do not have an estimate as to when this functionality will return, but we are actively working on a solution.


In the meantime, if you’re a returning player who wants to check out Webkinz X, we encourage you to sign up for a Free account by registering at We’ll post another update when we’re able to restore accounts again.


We apologize for any inconvenience.



161 Responses to Restoring Archived Accounts Temporarily Unavailable

  1. lamocross says:

    i want my account back :-(

  2. viviluna says:

    ive tried all week to get my account of the archive but it keeps telling me to come back tomorrow and i do and the same thing. i would really like my account back. i had so many webkinz and still have my fav to this day.

  3. mrplumchum says:

    Hello. I have been trying to get my account unarchived for the past week. I have also emailed, but I have received no reply in a couple of days. I don’t know what else to do, but I really would like my account to be unlocked, perhaps manually if necessary. I know my username and password and I’ve logged in within 7 years. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  4. NekoFox says:

    It’s been a couple years since the last time I used my webkinz account are there any chances of getting it back?

  5. QueenZed says:

    Is it working now? Because I’ve been trying to get my account back for a while. I haven’t been on for a few years. And I’ve contacted support but the say they can’t find my account.

  6. Smoltair says:

    Is there still an issue with un-archiving accounts? I’ve been trying to log back into mine for a week after having it archived and when I go back the next day it simply tells me to wait another day.

  7. christas102 says:

    Is this still a problem? Because it hasn’t restored my account in a few days either

  8. reeseisbored says:

    What if I contacted customer service and they told me to give information but they have not texted me back yet

  9. reeseisbored says:

    What is the secret code part

  10. reeseisbored says:

    It won’t let me sign in it’s been saying come back tomorrow for a week and it’s really annoying I had a lot of pets and I don’t want to reset

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