Sneak Peek! A Scary New Season Awaits!


Be afraid. Be very afraid. The final day of the Big City Spree Season is Friday, September 30, 2022. And then… tis the season for all things scary! October 2 is the first day of the Halloween Ball Season! This spooky season is inspired by the Classic Halloween Ball theme designed by player Kittly2008, the winner of last year’s Halloween Theme Share Center contest!

As always, this season features some fabulous prizes that you can earn by completing tasks around Webkinz Next. There are two tiers of prizes. All players can collect the awesome free tier prizes, and players who purchase the Season Pass can collect even more prizes, including a special recipe, Bits of Magic to make that recipe, mystery capsules, and an awesome grand prize when they complete the season!


Your pets will love dressing up in fun new costumes, including this Candy Corn dress, hat, and shoes.


New chat emojis include a Jack o’Lantern, a Scared Bunny and an Evil Laugh! And since emojis can now be used as stickers in the photobooth, you can combine them with the new photobooth backgrounds and frame! There’s also a new avatar background and border!


And of course every season comes with amazing items with which to decorate your home! There are Halloween Ball items like the rug, table, and candelabra!

Prizes like the Spooky Jack o’Lantern and Hanging Halloween Lights are just a few of the prizes you can collect! There are also Diamonds, KinzCash, Wish Tokens, and School Ribbons to be won! So much fun, so many prizes!


Be sure to log into Webkinz Next every day starting Sunday, October 2, 2022 to start earning prizes! And remember, you can purchase a Season Pass at any time during the Season and go back and collect all your earned prizes!




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36 Responses to Sneak Peek! A Scary New Season Awaits!

  1. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    Is anyone having problems? I purchased the Wicked Halloween Mystery Capsule for 30 diamonds and made 4 of the Halloween Ball Dining Chairs but they don’t work correctly. The Capsule just opened and is sitting in the room, with nothing inside. The Halloween Ball Dining Chairs don’t adjust, they can only be placed in the room in one direction. I sent an email to support but wonder if anyone else is having issues????

    • BoulderPrarieHome says:

      I went back in and tried to have my pet sit in the open capsule and it opened. I now have a new Wicked Couch!

      • BoulderPrarieHome says:

        Finally was able to get the Halloween Ball Dining Chairs to adjust. Works in advanced editing with pet sitting in chair. Just not normally. However this Halloween season is fantastic. The prizes and art is the best. I am so happy I have lots of Kinzcash saved up and don’t have to spend tons of diamonds. Great job Ganz!!!!

  2. Sonari says:

    I am SO excited for this season!!! I can’t wait to see all the prizes. I’ve really been hoping for the right things to put a halloween room together, more the tradition black and orange, not the one released last year, which is outstanding, but not the same. Someday maybe we’ll even get a property style, or at least property décor that’s spooky themed! Oh the possibilities…

  3. megamom12 says:

    One of my favorite costumes and all of the pretty furniture….yup, this is going to be fun!

  4. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I love all things Halloween so very excited for this one!!

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    I will be skipping this season because I don’t do halloween anymore because of a lot of reasons.

  6. Twistersmom says:

    Sounds fun can’t wait.

  7. gingerdare says:

    Can we send any of it back to classic?

  8. Beckinz8 says:

    This coming Next season looks great! I have a feeling that it is going to be very popular. I have a question that I hope someone can answer. The new music class at the Next KVA is kicking my butt. I am getting some of the worst grades that I have ever gotten in my life! LOL! I am not musical at all. Does anyone know if the keyboard keys and notes played correspond to notes on a real life keyboard, and if so, what is the starting note? If I can name them, maybe I would be able to remember them better. Without some sort of a guide, I’m sunk.

    • LibertyOStone says:

      Hi. I don’t know if they Corunna for sure, but I think they do. C is the white that has a black key on its right (and that black key has another black key next to it) and no black key on it’s left. Naming all the white keys left to right it’s CDEFGAB then they start all over. I don’t think they include playing the black keys in the game.

    • susiecue55 says:

      In Next, the notes start with a sequence, and add one note for every try. the first might be cde, then the next might be cded, next cdede. the first notes do not change

    • jeanenehea says:

      The pattern is this. One note is played. THen they another not to the first note. Then the first two notes are played and they add a third. It builds like that the entire game! Just memorize the order of the keys! THe names of the keys don’t help at all.

  9. Flower88910 says:

    That new emote looks so cool! I hope it’s one of the free prizes hahah

  10. Alexandrite_Ledger says:

    OH MY GOSH, YESS!! Thanks for telling us! I so can’t wait! I might buy this one and a Christmas/winter one if you guys do it! I had so much fun with you guys earlier, @Steve & @Michael. I’m so excited for the German Shepherd!! =D (I was Jen Ledger the Peppermint Puppy with the baby husky, lol)

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