Statement on Recent Cheating Account Bans

This is a follow up to the following notices, among many others over the years:


Reminder: Cheating can lead to losing your account


Reminder: Cheating will not be tolerated


Despite these repeated warnings, we unfortunately continue to have accounts that attempt to exploit issues in the game. Let us be clear once again: when we find evidence of exploits being used to gain KinzCash or items, duplicate items, or gain Diamonds in Webkinz Next, we may, at our sole discretion, ban those accounts or apply other account restrictions as we see fit.


It will not matter if you have been a member for a day or ten years, have two pets or fifty, are Deluxe or not Deluxe. It will not matter how much was gained, or which item was attempted to be duplicated. It will not matter if you are actively using the cheat, or were simply testing it.

For the vast majority of you who play as the game was intended, we thank you, and give you the following advice:


If you see or read about an exploit, hack, or duplication bug, don’t use it. Don’t even test it. It’s not worth losing your account over.

If you are asked for your user name and/or password to give you prizes, trades, or to “look after” your account from anyone who is not a known employee of Ganz, do not give it. You will have no control over what is done on your account, and may lose your account over those actions.

Thank you for reading, and have fun in Webkinz World.



104 Responses to Statement on Recent Cheating Account Bans

  1. percaroma says:

    So, as with most, did not dissect the user agreement with legalize mind. Now realizing that accounts are non-transferrable to a family member when I am too old to play is a wake up notice. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Ganz coins to build up my account with the thought that someone in my family would appreciate all the extra dispensers and pets. Except for buying Deluxe memberships (when there is a half-off sale), I will no longer spend money on Ganz coins nor virtual pets. I still have a few virtual pets and about thirty plush pets waiting to adopt. I used to adopt pets whenever the mood struck me. Now, I will only adopt when I need to maintain membership. First will be the virtual pet codes. This way the plush can be sold when I am no longer able to play.

    • PrinceHuskyworth says:

      You’re never too old to play Webkinz. :P

      • percaroma says:

        Ha Ha, PrinceHuskyworth – My son bought me my first pet. I will not age myself. Technically I am old enough to be a great-grandma even though I am not a grandma. I do plan on playing for at least the next 40 years, but the fates may have other plans. Those fates include the possibility Webkinz Classic goes defunct through no fault of their own, or the hereditary issues I am susceptible to.

        • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

          Nope, Webkinz is for everyone! ^-^

          • gml1939 says:

            Hi Percaroma, I AM a great-grandma 21 times over, and I still play Webkinz every single day, God willing. Like you, I worry about what will happen to all my hundreds of pets when I am gone. I had hoped my kids and grandkids might be able to take over, but I guess not. Since we are governed by the game that sounds like a no-no. My daughter and her 2 kids got me on Webkinz in 2008. Of course I was a push-over since I have always loved Plushies. If it has a face, it has a forever home with me. I still have my kids plushies from their childhood, and even a big sweet Panda from my childhood. I was 11 and I remember Mother saying, That’s the last one! to Santa. Ha. Anyhow, I went all in with the Webkinz plushies, buying for me and my kids as well. So, yes, I also wish there was some way to insure that our pets will be taken care of when we are no longer here. I guess they will just die on the vine. :-(

  2. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    As I do not think this post was harsh in any way, I still do not understand how an innocent player should know that he or she is trading for a duplicated item. That is why I advise everyone to stay away from anything that has to do with playing with other players. If you are playing privately, there is no way anything can happen unless YOU cheat. And also, let us all remember that Webkinz/Ganz cares about your account more than you know. If they didn’t care, there would be no effort to stop cheating as there is now. These reminders are for those who cheat, so if you aren’t, don’t worry. I agree with everything this post has to say. If I was a cheater I would be scared to cheat again, that’s for sure! Cheating cannot be tolerated, so let’s thanks Webkinz/Ganz for making sure it isn’t. I hoped this helped!

  3. SirChristian7 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate cheating just as much as the next guy, but still, I think all cheaters should get a warning and/or temporary suspension for a first offense. Everyone makes mistakes, and to permanently delete someone’s account that they may have sunk a decade or more into? Seems a little harsh for the first time. “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone” Just saying, a little bit of mercy wouldn’t be out of place in this situation.

    • pinkiecupcake says:

      Actually, SirChristian7, I think a warning system is a pretty good idea. I mean, there are a lot of kids on the site who may come across a bug without realizing it, or exploit a glitch without realizing it’s wrong. An automated warning message (which cancels the initial action) might be all that is needed to deter some cheaters (especially if they weren’t trying to cheat)–and it might save customer service a lot of work. However, creating such a system might be more work than either of us envision, so I understand if that may not be as practical as it sounds. :)

  4. mamasbaby07 says:

    I am grateful that Webkinz support is finally putting the word out about cheating, my account was broken into and the party stole some items , I did not give her my password and still feel heartbroken over the fact that I was a victim and have had to quit Webkinz Next as I have to protect my Classic account … Thank you Ganz for bringing this up, like you said if your not cheating you have nothing to worry about so this is for those who are and they know it It hurts to have things taken from your account you have worked hard for so I appreciate Ganz posting more than ever

  5. pinkiecupcake says:

    After reading a lot of comments, it sounds like there is some kind of issue in the trading room, and a lot of users are getting banned for allegedly duplicating items. Is it possible that there is a glitch that registers as a duplication cheat? I would be terrified if something like that happened to my account, and these users certainly seem to be geniunely surprised and upset by what happened. Is there a way to look into the situation and clear their names?

    • gml1939 says:

      Years ago (14 yr) when I first started playing Webkinz, I remember going to the Trading Room. I really don’t remember all the details, but I got scared about something in there and I backed out. I have never gone back. But I have to give a shout out to the Customer Service. I do miss when we could call a toll free number and talk to a person, but I always get replies and help pretty quickly. I do appreciate that.

  6. Katz1259 says:

    I would like to see Ganz/Webkinz bring back personal customer service. When we could call a toll free number and speak to a real live person, who you could explain things to, without having to write a book (and be misunderstood). Back in those days customers were much happier and I think it worked better on the company’s side as well, since the correct information got out in a timely manner and there was no need for severe and dire warnings that scare the innocent people more than the guilty. If they are brazen enough to hack the system, I doubt any warning will deter them. What would happen if someone innocently trades for an item that they do not know has been duplicated? If the account is removed/banned/deleted without any chance to explain it is totally unfair and I truly think you may lose a lot of your good loyal customers. Personally hacking to duplicate pixels makes no sense to me. But banning innocent players with no chance for recourse is just very poor customer service.

    • librarianandrea says:

      If it’s any consolation, my sister and I were trading when I was struck by the trading room glitch. I was banned, she was not. I still don’t know what happened on my side, but I would advise staying out of the trading room for now to be safe. :)

  7. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    Everyone, calm down! If you know you are not cheating than there is nothing you should be scared about. Unfortunately, there are players who are not playing correctly, and this is a post simply for them. I do not think this post was harsh in anyway. To keep Webkinz safe and fun (as it has always been) it is necessary to warn players about their mistakes. Again, THERE IS NO REASON TO BE SCARED IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG! Thank you Ganz/Webkinz for keeping this game fun and safe, while disabling active cheaters. :)

    • sosotto says:

      I defiantly agree!!

    • librarianandrea says:

      No, after reading many comments here and on Facebook and Twitter, it sounds like there is some kind of glitch in the trading room. I was banned when I tried to make what I thought was a normal trade, and apparently there are many users with similar experiences. I would advise people to stay out of the trading room for now!

      • pinkiecupcake says:

        That sounds like good advice, librarianandrea! It could be that there is a bigger problem at hand, and innocent accounts are getting caught in the wake. Let’s make things easier for the Customer Service department and stay out of the trading room so that they have fewer accounts to worry about, and can hopefully get this problem solved more quickly! I hope that your account–and another innocent accounts–are able to be restored soon!

        • j9e9n9n9y9 says:

          Oh no! That is so sad! I go to the trading all the time. Thank you for the advice, I will definitely try to stay out of the trading room! :( I just wonder when this problem will be fixed so we can return to the trading room.

  8. kvtie says:

    Ganz, I think some major clarification is required here. When you say “If you are asked for your user name to GIVE you prizes or trade… You will have no control over what is done on your account, and may lose your account over those actions.” Are you saying that by sending someone something via Kinzpost (either as a gift or trade like you said) we can have our accounts removed? Or are you simply saying we are are giving up the protection of our accounts and you can not be held liable? I think this statement was a bit harsh and didn’t fully explain your side. I think a rewording is definitely needed for everyone to feel better about playing this game again.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      If you share your credentials, you are still responsible for any activity on your account. So if someone is playing on your account for whatever reason and engages in behavior that could warrant a ban, the account may be banned. In terms of prizes, some players hand off their accounts to others to earn trophies for them. Some players have offered to purchase premium currency by logging into the receiving account. This is risky behavior and against our user agreement.

      • tillyfrogfreak says:

        Like kvtie, I just want reassurance that it is safe to use the kinzpost or trading room. All of my items have been bought by me at one of the various stores within webkinz or at the estore, or I received them via kinzpost, trading, events, or as wheel prizes. Should we take a break from playing webkinz until these glitches are fixed? If there is a risk that I will lose my 14 year old account, I would like to know before I renew my deluxe membership.

  9. kvtie says:

    I am now terrified to play webkinz. I haven’t even logged in because I’m horrified to see if my account has been deleted in the off chance I have accidentally “exploited” a GLITCH. I have NEVER intentionally cheated (didn’t even know you could?). Myself and many other users don’t feel comfortable using this platform anymore in fear our accounts of 10+ years and thousands of dollars will cease to exist. While I understand a statement may have been required to address cheaters, punishing innocent accounts and then refusing to hear them out is a horrible look for this company.

    • kaye10 says:

      wow, this is crazy right! i know i have not cheated, so am not in fear; however, i totally get what you are saying. for me, webkinz is MY ESCAPE. that anyone could actually exploit & cheat the ‘system’ makes me feel a bit of a baffoon! i also agree the warning is harsh, but i think is because want to get our attention. I EVEN HATE WHEN SOMEONE IN TRADING JUST CUTS ME OFF AS IF I AM IRRELEVANT. a punishment for RUDE, please! best, k.

  10. wk2nd says:

    I really feel that your response is too aggressive. Obviously you want to remove active cheaters. However, you’re scarring innocent players. Anyone could accidentally trigger a glitch good or bad. If is obvious theft or repeated abuse okay but for an accident? You could at least have a warning pop up on the screen account BEFORE banning them.

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