Summer Clothing Line Retires Jan 16th

Look for these great new pieces after Webkinz World maintenance on January 16th!

 Say hello to the winter clothing line


40 Responses to Summer Clothing Line Retires Jan 16th

  1. BlueNarwal says:

    I have a glitch to report regarding pets food bars. Sometimes when I feed my pet the bar goes down instead of going up, and whenever I filled my pets bar to almost full and traveled somewhere it went back down to zero. I’m a bit upset because I feel like I wasted my kinzcash for nothing. Please fix this.

  2. uniplays says:

    Does anyone wanna be friends on Webkinz? My username is uniplays and my second account is uniplays2. I want to go to parties and have friends to come! Or write your username and I will add you! Thanks, guys!

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