Parent’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What benefits do Free, Full, and Deluxe Webkinz Members get?


Click here to see a chart explaining the benefits of Free, Full, and Deluxe Membership.


How does this site appeal to small children?


The Webkinz web site has been designed for users aged 6-13+ and is intended to include content for all ages and levels of computer skill within that range. We have designed our site to reach the widest possible audience within that range. We understand that some of our games and jobs may be difficult for younger users, but our research and experience has shown that our younger audience can quite enjoy the site with the support of an adult.

That said, we have designed some of our games and jobs for younger children. Both the Fence Painting and Shoe Store Clerk (both memory games) have proven fun and achievable by younger users. In the Arcade, we recommend Wacky Zingoz and Tulip Trouble 2.

Younger users can also enjoy other methods of making money, including the Wheel of WOW, Wishing Well and the Care Award, and best of all, the 5-6 year old questions in Quizzy’s Question Corner – over 1000 age appropriate, curriculum-based questions that make KinzCash faster than any of the games.
We hope that this information will help you and your child continue to enjoy Webkinz World as much as we do.


Is KinzChat Safe?


We at Webkinz World understand your concerns. In our KinzChat area, the chat is entirely constructed. There is no way for users to type what they want, exchange any personal information, ask or say anything inappropriate. We control everything the users are able to say. In the KinzChat PLUS area, players can type what they want, but restricted words and phrases will not be displayed to the other players. We try to exclude proper names and numbers to avoid the disclosure of personal information. If you do not want your child to chat in the less restricted KinzChat PLUS area, don’t consent to their access to this area. If they already have access to KinzChat PLUS,you can block their access in the Parent’s Area using your Parent’s Account.


What are some tips on managing my child’s time in Webkinz World?


Webkinz World is a wonderful place to play. It is a friendly and imaginative environment for children to enjoy. Because Webkinz World is so much fun, it can be difficult to limit your child’s time on the computer.
Here are some tips about how to limit your child’s time in Webkinz World:

  1. Use Webkinz World as a reward. Your child will be able to play in Webkinz World AFTER he or she has finished their homework, done their chores, etc.
  2. Decide what you believe is an appropriate amount of time for your child to be on the computer and discuss it with your child ahead of time. Set a timer, if need be. When the timer goes off, so does the computer.
  3. Encourage offline play with the Webkinz plush toy; encourage your child to draw pictures of the rooms they’d like to design, make pictures of their Webkinz pets (scrapbooks are lots of fun), and have parties for the Webkinz pets. Invite some friends over in the real world and celebrate all things Webkinz!

79 Responses to Parent’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. gmatiny says:

    Parents area controls – How do we change the Email

  2. oliver1025 says:

    With adobe Flashplayer going way, how will Webkinz work without it? How can Webkinz be played on an Apple device (Ipad)?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      While Flash is no longer going to be supported by browsers, it will still be available for download. You can use the Desktop App to continue playing on Windows and MacOS. For mobile devices, you can use the mobile app.

  3. Patsy93 says:

    Hi there. I just created a parent account along with my daughter’s account so I can monitor her activity. She wants to participate in the pet giveaways you set up on this website, and apparently webkinz pets are popular in her school and they talk about trading tags. My question is- do I get notified thru email when she adopts a new pet? If not, is there a way to do that manually? Thanks.

  4. kmkotas says:

    I click on the “free prizes” button in webkinz world and get sent over to create a parent account. I am above 18 years of age. How can I sign up to receive the free stuff if I do not have children who play Webkinz and I am well over 18?? Thanks!

  5. tnicequeen2 says:

    How can I change the email account with which I initially signed up? I cannot find a link to do so. . .thx

  6. alenahorowitz12 says:

    How to you turn on TV’S?

    • Madelynnsh says:

      If you can remember way back to the Webkinz X update that changed everything, it disrupted the TV’s and you can no longer turn them on. It was more than five years ago that that happened and they still haven’t fixed it. Hope I could help.

  7. Spacelocked says:

    Hello, I was wondering why I am not able to change the ability to use KinzChat Plus under the account settings. The checkmark is simply greyed out on KinzChat, and will not let me change it. Will I be able to change this?

  8. smfarmer57 says:

    We have two accounts, one is my daughters and one is mine the parent. Every time I go to the “Free Prizes” icon. I’m told to visit the Parent’s area and turn on 3rd party ads for this account. Doesn’t the system see that I’m over 21? If I need to log in, can I use the same email, that I log in with?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      No, the system does not detect your age, nor does it assume that you would want third party ads enabled. You can create a Parent Account with whatever email address you prefer.

  9. Mawhenry35 says:

    how do you get the little buddy pals that fly around you?

  10. DashietheCloudSheep says:

    Hi Webkinz, I’ve been looking a bit and connot find a solid answer for this, and I was wondering: If you redeem a plushie’s code when you have standard membership from another plushie’s code, will the two memberships stack?

    • habibi24 says:

      Webkinz memberships don’t stack. Membership is for a year only and it starts when a new pet is added. So if for example, you have a membership that expires in August and you put in a new pet today, the membership would expire a year from today and not added on to the “old” membership date.

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