Ultimate Collector Items!


When an item is retired, that means it is no longer available unless you can find another player willing to trade it.


Some of the oldest retired items were originally supposed to be “toys” but looked more like clothing, like the Baseball Hat, Figure Skates, Hockey Skates and the Toy Tool Belt. These items could be placed in a room, but weren’t at all interactive. Once pet clothing was added to the world, these “toys” were retired to prevent any confusion.


One of the first clothing items to be retired were the WZ Jeans, which were given out for a special promotion back in 2006.


Now they have earned the distinction of being part of the ultimate Webkinz collector items!



153 Responses to Ultimate Collector Items!

  1. resolution22 says:

    I love the webkinz outfits! And I just found out the recipe for a new piece of clothing and don’t worry I know for sure it works because I made it today! The item is the Beautiful Ball gown. You make it with the Ballerina leotard Top, The blue bow and the Powder Blue Skirt. All of these items are found at the W shop. I hope this helped anyone who needs a new beautiful dress! It looks AMAZING on any pet! So, create this dress today for a new fabulous look for your webkinz!

  2. artestgrl says:

    I am artestgrl and I would like to trade the toy tool belt

  3. legodude says:

    LOVE the skates!!!

  4. Quipcool says:

    I think all these items are cool but I have WZJeans already!

  5. YNCM says:

    Anyone has WZ jeans up for trade? And if you do, what would you like for them? I so need them. xD

  6. Doglove says:

    If anyone wants to trade with me for the pants I have pretty good stuff ( sorry I don’t have anything priceless)but we would have to wait a while or trade via kinz post because I have dock problems

  7. eberry12 says:

    Somebody tried to trade me ice skates, but i had no idea what they were so I just said no.

  8. eberry12 says:

    I have 2 WZ jeans for trade! Well at least 1 WZ…. But I do not want those items up there… never heard of them… only Wz… I need B and W cat costuime shirt tho! and I need Sailor stuff…. Like saloir suit sailor blouse;… ya know. and fairy Falls forest tiara and other priceless! I have plenty of it! I started out with nothing and now i have SO many Priceless! I jioned webkinz in 2008 and did not have interest in priceless things till 2009 or 2010. The first priceless I every got was Wz jeans.

  9. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Anybody have the figure skates for trade? Also, if you’re playing Supermodelz in the TA and the WZ jeans are an option, choose them! They get you a lot of points. The judges love them!

  10. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    the tool belt kinda reminds me of the sheriff’s belt in the KSO. Except for the fact that you can wear the sheriff’s belt but not the other one.

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